'Ghostbusters' Is Actually Scientifically Accurate, According To This Amazing Featurette — VIDEO

If you're already on the hype train to ExciteTown over the upcoming reboot, then this video about the science behind the new Ghostbusters is for you. As if I needed more reason to think this movie was going to be amazing and wonderful, the fact that the makers actually tried to do some accurate science stuff instead of just going blindly into that good night creates even more excitement. That is not to say that the old Ghostbusters didn't do the same thing, but so many action movies these days clearly make up every bit of their science, so it is really nice to see Ghostbusters do completely the opposite.

In the video, MIT post-doctoral associate in particle physics, James Maxwell, talks about the choices he helped make the production team make. To be honest, my eyes glazed over at some points, because, as soon as I hear science-y words, I immediately go back to middle school me hiding Harry Potter inside my Earth Sciences book during class. But when I threw aside The Chamber Of Secrets and actually listened to what the man was saying, I was amazed. How do people's brains work like that? I will literally never know. Anyway, the following are some interesting facts I pulled from the featurette.

1. Scientists Don't Always Wear Lab Coats

How I've gone this far in my life assuming that scientists always wear lab coats and goggles while on a job, I don't know.

2. A Lot Of Planning Goes Into Design

That wall of images almost looks like what you would find in a real lab.

3. The First Ghostbusters Used A Cyclotron

This means the particle starts in the middle and then spirals outward, which causes it to gain speed.

4. Meanwhile The New One Uses A Synchrotron

Which is a magnetic field in a ring. I think this would make the device stronger –– it definitely looks more complicated.

5. High Magnetic Fields Call For Something Super Compact

And super0conducting magnets! Magnets! I can understand magnets!

6. If Magnets Are Working That Hard They Need To Be Kept Cold

Using Cryogen. Which are what they used to freeze Walt Disney's body so he can come back and take over the world someday (hypothetically). So any proton pack would need a cryogen system in the pack, so it wouldn't overheat causing a nasty back burn.

7. The Real Challenge Is Keeping All Those Mechanisms In A Small Container

Based on what he's saying, I think a proton pack is actually impossible in that size. But maybe someday all the kids on the street will have them.

8. All The Formulas Are Pretty Accurate

Another scientist worked with the art team to make sure all the formulas in the background were accurate. That is some serious dedication. We might all get smarter just watching this movie.

9. But In Case We Don't Get Smarter, There Are Still Girls Kicking Ghost Butt

Which I'm sure we can all get behind.

It really speaks to how awesome this movie is the care the crew put into the production. I'm practically foaming at the mouth to see what next juicy tidbit they throw at us. But until then, here's the actual video to hold us all over.

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Image: Columbia Pictures; JoBloMovieTrailers/YouTube (9)