New Airplane Eliminates Jet Lag & Weary Travelers Everywhere Can Rejoice

Traveling isn't always easy. Between the prices of flights and hotels, taking time off, and other stressors that come from the general use of public transportation and navigating your way through unknown cities and the like, the best news for those who love to jet set is that there's another way to lessen the burden, like these fancy new airplanes that eliminate jet lag.

Before we carry on with the madness, magic and engineering genius that is this invention, let's not get too excited just yet: these are pretty elite aircrafts, and they're only available to super important people (and like, you know, millionaires). Luckily, they should be making seats available to us laypeople someday. Until then, we can gawk and dream.

The European manufacturer Airbus is the creator of the A350 XWB jet, which can seat 325 fliers and yes, can change (even significant) time zones without causing jet lag. The first carrier had it's first landing in the U.S. via Qatar Airways, and proved that their innovation actually works. How, exactly? Well, the engineers created the craft with LED lights that change color temperature based on the natural glow of the sun. This keeps passengers' circadian rhythms intact, so their bodies can't tell the difference when they land in a new region.

And if you assumed that was the only benefit of flying A350, you'd be wrong: the aircrafts are designed with luxury features such filters that ensure fresh air is circling through the cabin (thanks to a new system that activates itself every few minutes) and all the other bells and whistles of a high-end flight (spacious seating, delicious food, and so on).

As we know, a lot of research has gone into proving that our circadian rhythms affect our overall health tremendously, much of which has stemmed from the realization of how terrible our blue-light technology really is when used late at night (essentially, people who have more light around them before or during sleep have a harder time getting and staying asleep because bodies associate it with wakefulness).

Between the light therapy, fresh air, spacious seating and other amenities, I'm starting to think that this aircraft may be healthier than a lot of cities! Sure, we might have to wait a few years to nab tickets at a cost reasonable to people who aren't just millionaires (but still likely very very rich people) but for now, we can stick to our usual water, sleep mask and melatonin routines and hope for the best.

Images: Unsplash; Giphy