7 Times Lorelai Was Super Wrong About A Situation On 'Gilmore Girls'

It’s hard to find a time on Gilmore Girls when Lorelai Gilmore wasn’t entirely spot on with her interpretation of a situation. The woman was smart. Sharp as a tack, really, especially when it came to raising her daughter, Rory, and coming down on her when her behavior strayed too far from the moral compass she had laid out for the two of them. But there were a few times when Lorelai Gilmore was super wrong about a situation. And, although it didn’t happen often, when Lorelai was wrong about something, she was really, really wrong about something.

Chock it up to the massive amounts of emotional baggage that she carried around from being raised by Emily and Richard Gilmore in a very restrictive home. The way she was raised, and the expectations that her parents had for her, sometimes got the better of Lorelai, even if she thought she was well beyond their influence. Because sometimes Lorelai just read a situation wrong. Whether it was another person, or what was best for her life, she had a few glaring blind spots that always led to some sort of drama.

Still, these moments when Lorelai got it wrong also reminded us that Lorelai wasn’t a perfect person. She struggled just like everyone else to make sense of her past and make her present as fulfilling as possible. So, in a way, you can’t really blame her for screwing it up in these monumental ways. She was just being human, after all.

1. Pretty Much Everything When It Came To Her Mother


Lorelai may have had a pretty good read on most things in life, but her mother was not one of them. She was often blind to what her mother was really feeling and incapable of seeing her harsh exterior as a form of protection.

2. When She Thought Her Parents Only Wanted To See Rory At Friday Night Dinners


Even though they may have been more open with their affection toward Rory, Emily Gilmore was always the most distraught when Lorelai couldn’t make it to dinner. If Rory missed a dinner, she seemed to totally understand. Just because she didn’t show her affection openly, it was very clear that Emily Gilmore loved Lorelai just as much as she loved Rory.

3. When She Kept Her Relationship With Jason From Her Parents


Not a good move, Lorelai. Richard and Emily ended up being humiliated by Jason’s father when he spilled the beans right in front of them.

4. When She Didn’t Tell Luke About Going Over to Visit Christopher


I think we all can agree with this one, especially since, in Season 5, this is what led to Luke and Lorelai’s first break up.

5. When She Kept Going Back To Christopher


Let that dream die, honey. He’s not the right one for you, and you know it.

6. When She Blamed Jess For The Car Accident With Rory


Jess was driving when the accident happened, sure, but it was also a legit accident. It said nothing about Jess’ character, but Lorelai took it to mean that Jess was trouble and should be kept as far away from her daughter as possible.

7. When She Didn’t Speak To Rory For, Like, An Entire Season


I don’t care how mad she was at Rory for stealing that yacht and dropping out of colelge, not speaking to her daughter for months at a time was no way to deal with her disappointment over Rory’s lapse of judgment. You can still love a person and not agree with what they’re doing.

See what I mean? Nobody’s perfect. Not even Lorelai Gilmore.

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