Is 'The Bachelor' Fan's Tattoo Of Lace's Face Real? The 'Women Tell All' Is Known For Being Dramatic

It feels like it's been many moons since we were last graced with the presence of Bachelor contestant Lace Morris. Ever since she exited the show three episodes in, the audience has been missing her off-kilter antics. Luckily for us, Lace is appearing in a big way on tonight's Bachelor special, The Women Tell All. In a particularly evocative preview, we see that Lace may have a secret admirer of sorts and he went pretty far to capture her attentions. The preview showed that a guy in the audience got a tattoo of Lace on his side. Wait hold up, hold up, hold up — is that guy's tattoo of Lace's face real? I mean, hopefully not. Lace has a great face and all, but that might be a move he regrets if it is real ink. If it's just a temporary tattoo, kudos to him for his creativity. And, if it's real? Well... let's hope they get married. Hopefully we'll find out the full story on Monday.

And, look, the participants on The Bachelor are no strangers to dramatics, but the live events, such as tonight's Women Tell All seem to be rife with outlandish behavior. Even though fans were probably expecting something crazy to happen with this particular batch of contestants, I don't think anyone foresaw a man exposing his torso on national television, brandishing a tattoo of Lace's countenance across it. We will need to tune in tonight to see how Lace takes this gift (?) of sorts, but what other insane moments have happened during past episodes of Women Tell All? Let's take a look at a few examples of the kind of chaos that can occur when you get all contestants of the most dramatic show in history on live television. But first, the Lace moment:

Everyone V. Britt

ABC Television Network on YouTube

Beginning with last season's Women Tell All, the audience got to witness just how much disdain the rest of the women had for Britt. Though Chris Harrison gamely suggested that they dislike her because they might be jealous of her, Carly was quick to shut down that line of thinking, saying that she just didn't like how two-faced Britt allegedly was. It went back and forth like that for awhile.

Tierra V. Sean

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Tierra, who was a total firestarter during her stint on The Bachelor, arrived at the live event with a huge surprise — a ring from someone else. She then proceeded to dress Sean down in front of everyone. You bite your tongue, Tierra, and just go back to enjoying your "sparkle."

Courtney Just... Being There

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Since Women Tell All typically features all of the women that were rejected before the finale, the fact that Robertson was there while still vying for Ben Flajnik's affections on air was grounds enough for turmoil. The fact that it was Courtney, who many of the women took issue with, was the final nail in the coffin.

Rozlyn V. Chris Harrison

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This. This was everything. It was very uncharacteristic behavior for someone as calm, cool, and collected as Harrison, so it made for truly great viewing.

Image: ABC