11 Things Lauren B.'s Instagram Reveals About 'The Bachelor' Star After The Show

At this point in the season of The Bachelor, both Ben and those of us watching from home probably feel like we have a good grasp on who Lauren B. is as a person. The Portland native and flight attendant has been a favorite of Ben's all season — and of many of the viewers! But, you know where else you can learn a lot about a person? Their social media. So, what does Lauren B.'s Instagram reveal about her life after The Bachelor ?

Well, if you were hoping it would reveal whether or not she's the winner of this season and the lucky lady Ben chose to offer his final rose to, let me be the bearer of bad news: It doesn't. Let's be real, after Kaitlyn Bristowe's spoiler-y Snapchat caused quite a stir during the last season of The Bachelorette, I'm sure Lauren and Ben know better than to post any hints about the fate of their Bachelor relationship on social media — although that doesn't mean I didn't find a teeny, tiny hint anyway! Of course, if you're just looking to learn more about Lauren from her social media, not discover spoilers for The Bachelor, then here are 11 things I learned from her Instagram.

Spending Plenty Of Time With Family

As we saw on her hometown date, Lauren is close with her family, especially her sister Molly. In fact, I'd go so far as to say Molly probably appears in more photos with Lauren than anyone else in The Bachelor contestant's life.

Vacationing In Mexico

Traveling to exotic locales isn't simply something Lauren does with The Bachelor, she also vacations with family in places like Cabo, Mexico.

She's Back At Work

Speaking of traveling, Lauren has since returned to her job as a flight attendant and posted this beautiful photo of the view outside her office window.

Remembering Her Dog

Remember the 18-year-old canine, Tess, that Lauren introduced Ben to when he visited her family in Portland? Unfortunately, the beloved family pet has since passed, with Lauren making multiple Instagram posts to commemorate her furry friend. I'm sorry to bring the mood down, but my heart goes out to Lauren; it's never easy to say goodbye to a pet.

Going To Basketball Games

One of the many things Lauren does with her family is attend basketball games for the local team, the Portland Trail Blazers — though apparently Molly is the team's bad luck charm.

She's Eating Ridiculously Good-Looking Food

Between In-n-Out burgers, Nong Lá Vietnamese food, and Sugarfish sushi, Lauren's Instagram could give anyone serious food envy, especially if they're already hungry!

She's Remembering The Past

Lauren has shared a handful old photos of herself and her family, including one of her brother, one of herself and her father, and another of her riding on a horse.

She's Taking On The Elements

Between skiing near Jackson Hole, Wyoming and paddling through blue waters on a warm locale, Lauren can tackle any kind of element in any kind of weather.

Spending Time With Friends

Lauren may love spending time with her family, but her friends are important as well!

Playing Dress Up

Like many women, Lauren knows that you can have fun playing dress up at any age.

She's Imparting Love-Related Wisdom

I promised a Bachelor hint and here it is: The one and only romantic relationship-leaning Instagram post is optimistic. Does that mean everything works out with her and Ben? Maybe. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it and this has nothing to do with her love life. We'll see.

So, though you can learn a lot about a person from the way they're portrayed on The Bachelor, everyone knows the Instagram is the window into the soul — and Lauren's Instagram reveals a family-oriented foodie who may or may not be the next winner of The Bachelor.

Image: Levy Moroshan/ABC