What Did Leah Do On ‘The Bachelor’? Ben & The Former Contestant Have A Big Issue To Confront On ‘Women Tell All'

It is going to be very interesting to watch The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. It's a time for Ben Higgins and this season's contestants to recap, discuss, and confront everything that happened during the season. Ben is probably the nicest dude on the planet, so I cannot see him starting an argument with anyone, but that doesn't mean he isn't going to speak his mind on some issues that came up during the show. In a preview clip from the special, Ben talks to Leah Block about a certain situation that went down in which it appeared that she blatantly lied with him (unless some very crafty editing took place) and screwed with his emotions. So, what did Leah do on The Bachelor that Ben needed to speak with her on The Women Tell All? Let me hit you with a recap of Leah's misdoings.

During a weird group date in the Bahamas that involved swimming with pigs, it was so obvious that Ben had strong chemistry with Lauren B. and all of the other women on the date — and those of us watching at home — were pretty jealous. So, when Leah, who was barely shown up until this point, got a chance to talk to Ben alone she decided to throw Lauren under the bus and, seemingly, lied to Ben, saying that Lauren was completely different around him than she was with the girls in the house.

This made Ben question his relationship with Lauren and his ability to perceive the women's character, as well his connections with them in a more general sense. He thought that he may have been blind in the whole process and was really taken aback by Leah's words.

Later, Leah went to Ben's hotel room and instead of trying to establish her own bond with him she just continued talking about Lauren. Ben could not believe that she used this rare opportunity for a one-on-one experience to talk about another contestant, realized that he had no connection with her, and sent her home before the rose ceremony.

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But clearly, these words stuck in his head since Lauren was the last one to receive a rose that night and Ben later told his parents that he was still thinking about Leah's comments, so she really derailed their relationship and gave them a major obstacle to overcome when it was entirely unnecessary. I can see why Ben would be upset about this. He was deceived and someone he really cares about was thrown under the bus in front of everyone watching. I don't blame Ben for wanting to talk this out with Leah, so we'll have to see what goes down when they hash it out on The Women Tell All.

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