11 'Fuller House' Dad Jokes That Are So Bad, They're Good

If there was one thing that we could always count on appearing in every '90s sitcom it was a.) an audience laugh track, b.) extremely cheesy background music, and, of course, c.) insanely corny dad jokes. You know the ones I'm talking about, right? Jokes that are so embarrassingly bad that your inner-teen can't help but cringe in humiliation. And as luck would have it, Fuller House Season 1 was chock-full of dad jokes. Granted, we really shouldn't have been all that surprised. I mean, Danny Tanner was practically the founder of dad jokes, so it would make sense for that corny (yet lovable) sense of humor to get passed down to other generations. And, if I'm being completely honest, there's a small part of me, way deep down, that kinda loved it.

From obviously puns to the misuse of the word "fleek," these corny jokes knew no limit throughout the Tanner household. And while the mature part of you undoubtedly mocked this retired form of sitcom humor, there's another part of you that couldn't help but feel nostalgic of the good old days. It might not be groundbreaking comedy, but I guarantee these Fuller House dad jokes made you laugh even in spite of yourself.

1. When Kimmy Described Her Acid Flashback

"I’m having an acid flashback, but I never dropped acid. I did take an antacid once. I must be having an antacid flashback!" - Kimmy Gibbler

2. When Their Use Of Slang Was Called Into Question

"I hope it’s still fleek to say fleek." - Kimmy Gibbler (Not in that context, Gibbler.)

3. When D.J. Used The Finger

"I do not want to be the kind of person who wags her finger while saying ‘first thing’s first,’ so I’m just going to put this thing away." –D.J. while literally placing said pointer finger into her back pocket.

4. When The She-Wolf Pack Was Born

"I’m officially naming the three of us, the She-Wolf pack." Kimmy Gibbler, right before turning her hands into ears and howling.

5. When D.J. Worried About Rating Poorly On Uber

"What if the Uber sees my boobers?" (I see what ya did there.)

6. When D.J. Tanner Started Rapping

"9:30 on a Friday night. DJ’s not in her pjs. Look at me, I’m rapping!" (*insert so much eye-rolling*)

7. When D.J. Raised The Roof For Coachella

"Coachella, woot woot! What, nobody ‘woot, woots’ anymore?" (No. Just no.)

8. When A Pig Stopped By The Vet

"Well, everything checks out, but his cholesterol is a little high… because he’s bacon.” - Dr. Fred Harmon. (I hate to admit it, but I found this one kind of clever.)

9. When Stephanie Tried Her Hand As D.J.'s Assistant

"Prepare to be wowed. The rest of you prepare to be bow-wowed and you prepare to be me-wowed." (Get it? Because she's working at a vet?)

10. When Stephanie Jokingly Gave Darren Heartworm Medication

"I am trying to worm my way into your heart." (You're cute, Darren, but your pick-up line game needs some work.)

11. When Max Rehearsed "Old McDonald" For A Concert

"Don’t worry about it. You’re not going to quack under the pressure." - Stephanie, when asked if his duck noise sounded convincing.

Like I said, dad jokes can be found on this show everywhere you look.

Image: Netflix (12)