Juan Pablo Galavis Posts a Photo With 'Best girlfriend [he has] ever HAD': Internet Reacts

Today, Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis posted a picture to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that snagged the attention of some fans. It also generated many, many e-comments. Go-Go-Gadget Internet! The photo was of Galavis and Anabelle Blum (a Venezuelan radio personality, TV presenter, and model). The two are standing shoulder to shoulder, arms folded, and are smiling at one another. The caption reads: “@JuanPaGalavis: Feliz CUMPLEAÑOS a My Boo @anabelleblum, la MEJOR novia que he TENIDO / Happy BIRTHDAY to My Boo Anabelle, the BEST girlfriend I have ever HAD…”

"Girlfriend?" "HAD?" "Boo?" What does their body language mean? What could any of it mean? Are he and Blum an item? Were they once an item? Are they nothing more than friends? Does he have a GF now? Did he wind up with anyone from The Bachelor? WAIT. Did Blum join The Bachelor cast midseason and win the show? Does that sort of thing happen? Does Chris Harrison know about this photo? Can I avoid spoilers always? What’s even going on anymore? HELP!

I turned to the comments.

The comments will have all of the answers, I thought. The comments always have all of the answers.

What info can you give me, Twitter?

This is true.

Confusion. So much confusion. Twitter, you're not as helpful as I'd hoped.

Facebook? You're up. On Galavis's Facebook page, one person asked, “How can you have a GIRLFREIND and be the Bachelor???” Another person replied, “The show was taped 6 mos ago…”

Yes. True. Anything could've happened in the last six months.

Another commenter offered up some info: “Anabelle( the girl in the pic) is actually a tv host in the Spanish channel. I think this post was more in a funny way. I think maybe it's a joke between them. She's married I believe. So I'm guessing it must be him joking with her.”

“I'm sensing an inside joke here....chillax people,” yet another Facebook commenter posted. If that's the case, that's cool. I love inside jokes. Even when I don't understand them.

Much was made about the word “novia/girlfriend” and the use of “HAD." Here are a few of my favorite comments from the JPG FB page:

  • “If he was happy with whoever he picked on bachelor he wouldn't be calling her the best gf.. However he did capitalize HAD.
  • "He said "novia" that means girlfriend! So why didn't you married her if she was the best??"
  • "Good lawd y'all!!!! HAD means HAD!!! Y'all are acting all ri donk u lus!!!! To much time on y'all hands!!"
  • "lol, im loving these comments. haha past tense people, don't get your panties in a twist."
  • "Those of you that think he is speaking in the past tense need to review basic grammar."

My head is pounding. I'm no closer to an answer.

"Who really cares?" one commenter wrote. "The dude is smoking hottttt that's all that matters lmao!"

Is that all that matters? Oh. Okay, then. I suppose I found my answer. It wasn't the answer I was looking for, but I reckon it is an answer.