Lace Talks Her Post-'Bachelor' Dating Life

by Nicole Pomarico

When this season of The Bachelor began, I had Lace pegged for the totally unpredictable villain of the season. Between the things she said to Ben Higgins to the way she treated the other women, could you blame me? But, she quickly did a complete 180 and eliminated herself, much to the shock of basically everyone who's still watching this show 20 seasons later. If you're missing her, you're probably thrilled to hear that on Monday night, Lace returned to Women Tell All to give us an update on her life. So, is Lace still single after The Bachelor? According to the woman herself, yes!

When she sat down with Chris Harrison during the special, she revealed that she's not currently dating anyone, and it's for the same reason she took herself out of the Bachelor equation. Just like she left the show to work on loving herself before she loves anybody else, she's still single because she's still working on herself. That's definitely an admirable reason to stay unattached, and I love that Lace used The Bachelor as an opportunity to look at her life and her choices and decide that she wanted to change — not for Ben, but for herself.

And as far as her social media accounts are concerned, it seems like she really is flying solo these days. It's awesome that she's taking her time in finding her next relationship... and not just because it gives her time to work on herself. Selfishly, I feel like her single status makes it that much more likely she'll appear on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, and since Chris Harrison has already invited her, it will probably happen.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC