What Happened To Jubilee's Family? 'The Bachelor' Star Talked About Her Past On 'Women Tell All'

Although this season of The Bachelor had a lot of really heartwarming moments, there were also a few that were heartbreaking — but none more than the one shared by Jubilee and Ben after their one-on-one date in the beginning of the season. After trying to crack Jubilee's hard exterior, he found out that she was actually guarded because of something horrifying that happened in her past. What happened to Jubilee's family? She talked about the incident on Women Tell All, and explained why she brought it up on the show.

Like Jubilee told Ben after that date, when she lived in Haiti as a child, her entire family died and she was the only one who survived. Later, Jubilee was adopted by an American family, who she's lived with ever since. But, obviously, being the only remaining person on her bloodline has to be incredibly difficult to come to terms with, and it's not surprising at all to hear that it's something that still haunts her. And, when she was in the hot seat with Chris Harrison, she explained that she didn't tell Ben about it to get attention — just that she wanted to tell him more about who she really was.

And, Jubilee's favorite part of divulging such a huge secret? The way Ben handled the situation. After watching it go down, I have to agree. He was a perfect gentleman, offering the exact right amount of empathy and comfort without trying to act like he understood what she's been through.

Most importantly, though, it seems like Jubilee is still doing well these days, despite the fact that she's obviously been through an insane amount of tragedy in her life. If anyone is a role model for how to come out on the other side of terrible circumstances, it's Jubilee. She's a war veteran, medical student, and an all around amazing person, and I'm glad we got a chance to know her on The Bachelor.

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC