Meet Your Newest 'The Voice' Obsession

America, Meet your newest The Voice obsession. Season 15 contestant Ryan Quinn stole the hearts of The Voice coaches and fans everywhere the minute he hit the stage for the Blind Auditions. His performance of "Can't Find My Way Home" was a serious panty dropper and deservingly turned all four of the coaches' chairs, but it was his sweet story that really stole the show.

25-year-old Quinn has what has to be the most heartwarming career of all time — he teaches music to kids who have had trauma in their lives. Cue the "aww." Okay, that's out of my system. But really, the New Jersey native's work just goes to show how passionate he is about music. Sure, he goes out and plays gigs in pursuit of making it big, but he also uses his gift to give back — which really proves his dedication to his craft. It's easy to get selfish when you're blessed with a talent as pure as Quinn's. But instead of using his gift solely to pursue fame, he is being selfless and bringing music and joy to people who really need it — and that's why he's so deserving of his spot on The Voice Season 15.

Okay, now that I'm done being cheesy — let's talk about how amazing Quinn really is. His performance was electric, powerful, and completely out of this world. The coaches were truly in awe of his incredible range and powerful vocals. In just 90 seconds, they formed multiple theories of who he could be — the two most popular being that he was a woman or that he was really two people. While I never would have chosen either of those to describe Quinn, it was definitely entertaining to hear the coaches speculate. From his amazing voice to his incredible story to his overall magnetic demeanor, Quinn is guaranteed to be a big player in this game — and I can't wait to watch his journey.

Watch his Blind Audition here:

Image: Trae Patton/NBC