Becca Calls Ben "Chris" On 'The Bachelor' & It's Basically The Funniest Thing Ever

As much as I love The Bachelor, this season's Women Tell All wasn't exactly the most exciting edition in the world. Although it was definitely fun to see contestants like Olivia and Lace again, it was pretty low key, even when Ben Higgins came onstage to sit in the hot seat as the women had their chance to ask him questions. But, there was one definite highlight of the evening, and it was The Bachelor bloopers. Because not only were they funny, but they included one very unforgettable moment. Becca accidentally called Ben "Chris."

Yes, this really happened, and it was amazing. Becca was just casually sitting on a porch, talking to Caila about our dear Bachelor, and referred to him as Chris — as in Chris Soules — and followed it up with, "Oh, wrong season!" Was it just me, or was that legit the funniest thing ever? I mean, it's not like Chris and Ben have much in common (not that that's a bad thing), but, being that homegirl has been in two very similar dating situations in the past couple of years, it was bound to happen eventually, right? I don't fault her for it, though. Plus, it was funny.

And before party-poopers want to turn this moment into something it isn't, I don't think it has anything to do with how invested Becca was in Ben or not. She already admitted this season that the stronger feelings she had for Ben didn't compare to what she felt for Chris, and calling someone by the wrong name is something that happens to everyone. In fact, I routinely switch up my cat and dog's names, and they are two totally different species.

Really, this is just more proof that Becca is a delight that we, as a society, do not appreciate nearly enough. I will miss her now that The Bachelor has come to an end. Come to Paradise, girl!

Image: Eniac Martinez/ABC