Kat Von D Makeup Brushes Are Coming!

She is the master of the makeup tease! After once again teasing her upcoming collab with Too Faced Cosmetics, which will undoubtedly be "to die for," tattoo artist and makeup maven Kat Von D is launching a collection of makeup brushes. She is further expanding her mega popular beauty brand, which is sold online and at Sephora locations. Anyone else besides me hyperventilating over this spot of good news? This is a major deal, because it means that the line continues to experience growth and because KVD Beauty items are always of terrific quality and have a consistent aesthetic. If you dig the rock x goth x all-black vibe, then you no doubt dig Kat Von D Beauty offerings, for both the product and the packaging, since they are pretty on the inside and out. When will Kat Von D makeup brushes be available?

Well, notice I did say that Von D is the master of the tease and she wasn't super forthcoming with info.

She shared a photo of the gorgeous brushes, which have black lacquer handles and black and white ombre bristles, on her personal Instagram feed, only confirming that they were "coming soon." She does that with her KVD x Too Faced mashup, too! She keeps details close to the vest and stokes the fires of anticipation. As a result, she has my rapt attention.

Check out those stiletto-like handles! That's so not an accident. Von D called them "magic wands" but they look like extra-stunning makeup weapons to me.

We don't know the concrete, on-sale date yet. One can only hope that both the brushes and the Too Faced hybrid land before summer.

Here's what else we know about the Kat Von D Beauty brush collection. It's vegan, which is means it's not animal-derived. It will definitely include four brushes: Powder, concealer, foundation, and blush. It appears to be face-focused so far.

But will there be more brushes, like crease, buffer, shadow, or liner options? Perhaps. Or that could be in the works for a future expansion. She might be starting small. All we know is that four face product brushes are, well, coming soon. But not soon enough.

Oh, and don't snooze on the KVD x beautyblender pairing, which is available at Sephora. Her often sold-out Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks were recently restocked, too.

Images: Kat Von D/Instagram (1); Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram (1)