What's In Kat Von D's Makeup Brush Collection? It Has Everything You Need For A Full Face — PHOTOS

The Kat Von D Beauty empire is expanding once again and no, it's not doing so with another co-branded collaboration. At least not right now! Last week, Von D further teased her upcoming collab with Too Faced Cosmetics, which will undoubtedly be "to die for." Now, the celeb tattooist and makeup maven is launching a collection of Kat Von D Beauty makeup brushes. The addition of a range of brushes follows the KVD x beautyblender pairing, which boasts her high-performance Lock-It Foundation and a black version of the iconic, egg-shaped makeup sponge. You are dying to know how many Kat Von D Beauty brushes there are, right?

As of right now, we know there are four vegan brushes, boasting black, stiletto-like, and glossy handles and black and white ombre hairs. The brushes are face-focused; that is, they are designed for products you apply to your face. Any makeupista knows that you can spend a ton of loot cakes on luxe products but they are worthless if you don't have the right tools with which to apply them! It's also the right time for Von D to expand and to start offering a wider range of brushes.

Von D shared a photo of the gorgeous "makeup wands" on her personal Instagram feed. She noted that the brushes are for powder, concealer, foundation, and blush.

She only confirmed that the brushes are "coming soon." She did not reveal the exact on-sale date yet and is keeping brand devotees on their toes.

I am excited to feel those bristles and hairs against my face. The sharpened-to-a-point handles also appear ergonomic and you can get a good grip on them, leading to flawless application.

That said, I am left with this question. Will there be additional brushes, like crease, buffer, shadow, or liner options? I hope so. Von D may be starting off with face brushes for now and may plan to expand to a full brush collection later this year. Perhaps she will reveal more brushes sooner than later. All we know is that four face product brushes are coming soon. But not soon enough.

Another thing to note about the addition of an expanded range of brushes to Kat Von D Beauty, which sold online and at Sephora? KVDB quality is high and the aesthetic is defined. If you dig the rock x goth x all-black vibe, then you no doubt adore Kat Von D Beauty offerings, for both the product and the packaging, since they are pretty on the inside and out.

Images: Kat Von D/Instagram (1); Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram (1)