Temporary Tattoos Smell Like Real Flowers

If there is one thing I remember fondly from my childhood, it's temporary tattoos. Any time one was available you can bet that I was trying to stick it onto my body. So imagine my excitement when I found out about these new temporary tattoos that smell like flowers! Now I can relive that childhood memory with an added bonus of being able to smell like delicious flowers on my skin. What will people think of next?

A company called Tattly is creating and manufacturing these temporary tattoos that look like works of art. This Brooklyn-based company has a team of artists creating designs that look nothing like the childish cartoons we used to stick on ourselves. Their tattoos are realistic, minimalistic and often times surprisingly classy. Tattly's website statement says that they "believe that great design and art can make people happy". I couldn't agree more! That must have been the inspiration behind their new and creative venture. By combining the two things I love from the '90s, scratch and sniff stickers and tattoos, this company is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Teaming up with an artist named Vincent Jeannerot, who specializes in watercolor painting, Tattly created the Perennial Set of temporary tattoos. They are based off of the artist's depiction of Hydrangeas, Peonies and Rose la France. The designs are beautiful. To up the ante, Agilex Fragrances joined the mix, adding a smell component that make these tattoos truly unique. The combination makes a wearable work of art. The Perennial Set will be available online and in stores starting April 19, in case you are clamoring to own one for yourself. Each set comes with two tattoos of each design making it a bargain. Below are just a few examples of Tattly's amazing artistry.

These honestly look like oil paintings to me. I know I'm going to get a bunch as stocking stuffers and random birthday presents for my friends.

The amount of detail is astonishing. I wonder what they will end up smelling like in real life. I'm sure it will be fantastic. I might not even need perfume...

This blue one is my favorite from this collection. Below are some of the designs available for purchase right now at Tattly's website.

Arrow tattoos are very popular amongst those getting inked. The simple and elegant design fits a lot of different personalities. I really wish I had a chance to wear these IRL before getting my finger tattooed by a friend. While my design has a lot of sentimental value, I do sometimes wish that I was smart enough to get a design like the one above. It just seems a lot more clean.

The best part about temporary tattoos is that they are a great indicator weather or not you want to put something permanent on your body. By applying them, you can find the best placement and tweak the location as many times as you want until you are satisfied.

You can even fill out a form on their website and create a custom temporary tattoo that you can give out at weddings, parties or simply keep around for a rainy day.

If you are looking for a more metallic/Beyonce/badass vibe then this design, and other like it, might be a perfect fit!

This tattoo design would be perfect for a wedding or a wedding announcement. You can set up a whole shoot around it. Maybe add an adorable pug in the background? The options are limitless.

This is one of my favorite designs. If I were to get a tattoo, I often think that this is the exact style I would go for. Just look at how amazing those butterflies look! It's like a work of art that belongs in a museum.

And finally, this design is a little out there but I think it's super cute. If you are going for whimsical, original and bold — this is your best friend. Meet "Sea Otter" the friendliest and most dapper animal around.

Images: Courtesy of Tattly