14 GIFs Of John Legend Giving 'Downton Abbey' Theme Song The Show Has Always Needed — VIDEO

No one needs me to tell them that John Legend is an amazing human being, but I will anyway. Legend performed the Downton Abbey theme song on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, proving in the process that he could sing the contents of a receipt and make it sound like a hit song. The Downton Abbey theme is usually instrumental, but the lyrics that John Legend sings are a great overview of the super popular show. As Jimmy Kimmel said in his introduction of the song, Downton Abbey is about a very different time in the world, "a time when marrying your cousin was considered a classy thing to do." What follows is a hilarious performance by the multi-award-winning singer-songwriter that celebrates the British show in the best way possible.

With lyrics like "Can someone come and comb my hair? I have so many hats to wear," Legend perfectly surmises the subject matter of Downton Abbey. The show ran for six seasons, and there's even talk of a spin-off Downton Abbe y film being made. John Legend will make you wish his version was the official theme song, and it'll also remind you of all the reasons that he is one of the most perfect people alive.

1. John Legend Takes On Racism

As the show is set in Britain in the early 1900s, and follows a family of English aristocrats, the cast is very white. By making this the very first line of the theme song, John Legend is being an absolute legend.

2. And He Doesn't Stop There

John Legend nails Downton Abbey with his social commentary.

3. He Covers Plot

I mean, obviously.

4. And Details The Outfits

Costumes are of the utmost importance in Downton Abbey. I usually eat my dinner in my pyjamas, and couldn't hack this formalwear lark.

5. The Show Sounds Kinda Dull

John Legend details the mundanity of the show, as well as the reliance on butlers and housekeepers to take care of grooming. What a time to be alive.

6. The Characters Have Important Decisions To Make

You know your life is full when the most important decision you have to make is which hat to wear.

7. Maggie Smith's Excellence Is Noted

Maggie Smith played the infamous Dowager Countess of Grantham, famous for delivering killer one-liners and put downs.

8. *Spoiler Alert*


9. Sometimes All A Person Wants Is To Be Waited On

According to CBS News, Downton Abbey is responsible for a re-surge in the hiring of British butlers. I'm serious. CBS News said, "Recruitment agencies say demand for the British butler is being driven by the new-money elite in China, Russia and the Middle East," and that the show is the inspiration.

10. The Busy Lives Of The Characters Continue

Tea and a nap sounds like my kind of day.

11. John Legend Inspires Us To Watch The Series

I want a scone right now.

12. Plus There's Some Horse Riding And Gossip

OK, I'm vaguely interested now.

13. Apparently Edith Is A Loser

Edith is a loser, and John Legend thinks she should die.

14. But She Won't Die

Why won't Edith die? Answers on a postcard.

Basically, John Legend should sing the theme song of every show from now on. I think we can agree that there is no-one in the world who could do a better job than him. Check out the video below.

Images: JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube