A '10 Cloverfield Lane' Post-Credits Scene Doesn't Exist & That's A Good Thing

There has been little to nothing revealed about 10 Cloverfield Lane, the newest film from producer J.J. Abrams and the second in a series of mysteriously related Cloverfield films. While the connection between 10 Cloverfield Lane and Cloverfield (2008) remains unknown, a lot of fans are wondering whether or not this new film is just the first in a series of planned Cloverfield movies. History has taught us that there's no better way to set fans up for more films than a post-credits scene, so, does a 10 Cloverfield Lane post-credits scene exist?

Unfortunately, no. 10 Cloverfield Lane ends with a cliffhanger, not unlike its predecessor. That said, it is, like Cloverfield, a sort of contained unit. Yes, there are clues and connections to a greater Cloverfield universe (Clover-verse?) for fans to obsess over. But the film could also theoretically exist as a stand alone. Of course, knowing Abrams' love of the unknown, a post credits scene could have been completely unrelated to the content of the film and audiences would have loved it. Alas, he and director Dan Trachtenberg decided not to give fans a post-credits scene, but here's why it's a good thing.

It Keeps The Anthology Alive

10 Cloverfield Lane is such a surprise because it's not a sequel to Cloverfield. None of the original Cloverfield characters are featured in the film, and the 2008 movie's signature found-footage style is nowhere to be seen. If there is another Cloverfield movie, it's likely that it would also be a completely new story. Not having a post-credits scene is true to the franchise by not setting it up.

It's The Anti-Superhero Movie

Cloverfield is so popular in part because it is the anti-superhero movie. It's a bit monster movie, yes, but it's not making billions off merchandise and over-saturating the airwaves with ads and special promotions. It's a quieter kind of blockbuster, and by not having a post-credits sequence, it keeps that sort of independent feeling.

It Doesn't Give Anything Away

Post-credits sequences are usually used to tease a sequel or follow-up — the Ant-Man post-credits scene set up Captain America: Civil War, for example. But, with Cloverfield, half the fun is never knowing when another movie might be coming. A post-credits scene could have given that away, especially if it set up a brand new story with new characters.

It's Unnecessary

I love post-credits scenes as much as the next person, especially if bloopers are involved (I really love bloopers). But, let's face it, they are pretty unnecessary. If a movie isn't already good, a post-credits sequence isn't going to save it. If a movie is good, a post-credits scene is like the extra cherry on top — nice, but not crucial to the yumminess of the sundae.

If you're bummed about the lack of a 10 Cloverfield Lane post-credits scene, then think of it this way: if there is another Cloverfield movie, it will be like a two-hour post-credits sequence, right?

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