Snoop + Will Ferrell = What The World Needs

So, Will Ferrell did a Reddit AMA and of course, the entire Internet basically was given reason to explode as a result. Classic. Amidst all the hilaaaaarious Reddit questions (read: not terribly hilarious but classically Ferrell) one in particular stood out. Snoop Doog, nee Snoopzilla and Snoop Lion, interrupted Will Ferrell's Reddit AMA flow to ask him the most important question of our time: Would he play cowbell on a track? Perhaps in the future this will be called "the AMA heard round the world," because of all the implications it has on the future of Snoop, the future of Ferrell, and the future of my faith in humanity.

Because hahahaha, all jokes aside... this needs to happen. Snoop Dogg earned my eternal love and respect when he released a song called "Oh Sookie" about the gap-toothed and moany main character of HBO's True Blood back in 2010, so you can understand my more or less frothing-at-the-mouth excitement at the chance of this happening again for any of a variety of Will Ferrell's classic roles. Beyond that, the dude is also truly gifted with a cowbell.

I mean, how excellent would it be for Will Ferrell and Snoop Dogg to write a song about Mugatu? Or one about being evicted by Pearl, the prepubescent landlord? Or how much he loved hot tubbin' with Jimmy Fallon on SNL? Better yet, what if they rap about being Ron Burgundy. Ferrell has lead a full career of rap-song-worthy roles, they really can't go wrong no matter what direction they take.

Now please excuse me to go scream into my pillow in pure unadulterated joy.