Does Emison Have A Chance On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Huw Collins Weighs In On The Emily Vs. Rollins Debate

If there's one struggle that haunts Pretty Little Liars fans more than the difference between A and Uber A, it's Emison. After almost six seasons of the series — and countless assurances from I. Marlene King that we shouldn't give up on this 'ship — Emison fans have yet to see this couple get together on the show. And, now that Ali and Rollins are married on Pretty Little Liars , it seems even less likely than when we thought Ali was dead. But what does Rollins himself think about Emison's chances on PLL versus Ali and Rollins living happily ever after? Huw Collins isn't SO worried. "Do I want Alison and Elliott to end up together and stay married forever? Of course," Collins tells Bustle, "If I didn’t fight for my character I wouldn’t be on the show for very long."

PLL introduced Rollins at the beginning of Season 6b — even though we already knew from the Season 6a finale that he and Ali would eventually get married — as Charlotte's doctor, but it didn't take long for him and Ali to start a relationship. And, after only a few episodes, the pair showed up on Aria's doorstep and asked her to marry them in "We've All Got Baggage" on what seemed like a crazy whim. "I think what you see from Rollins is, once Ali gave him an ultimatum — she didn’t explicitly, but I think it was definitely there — it made him pause for thought and think, ‘Hey, what do I actually want here?’" Collins says about the couple's very abrupt decision to get married, "And I think that the threat of professional disruption and the threat of Alison’s reputation taking a hit, he decided wasn’t as important as them spending the rest of their lives together."

Of course Collins realizes that fans probably think this is totally out of the blue. He also knows that Emison fans aren't exactly happy for Ali — even though she seems happy with her decision. "I am definitely aware of Emison fans and what has come before and that it’s something people really like and are attached to. I have the utmost respect for that," the actor says, "I think the passion for it is really warranted and really admirable." And he's definitely not taking for granted the fact that Rollins' relationship with Ali could end at any time — I mean, this is Pretty Little Liars after all.

"I have no idea whether or not Alison and Elliott with end up getting married forever or whether Alison and Emily will get together at some point," Collins says. But the actor is appreciating how well his character has been received by PLL's fans. "I have a really good rapport with Emison fans — they send me the funniest memes and they say the funniest things about Rollins and Ali." But Collins is on team Ali and Rollins all the way.

"They’re really good to each other and I think that their relationship is one that is going to grow and is good for both parties," the actor says. "At the end of the day, Emison fans might get what they want, I might get what I want. No one’s going to lose out with that." Well, except for maybe Rollins — we all know what happens to Ali's love interests in Rosewood.

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Images: Adam Taylor/Freeform