How Many Delegates Did Bernie Sanders Win On Super Tuesday 2? The Vermont Senator Scores A Surprise Win

On Tuesday, a surprise win in Michigan gave Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders a much-needed boost in his race with frontrunner Hillary Clinton. While he lost spectacularly to her in Mississippi, Sanders eked out a narrow victory in the Great Lakes State, defying both pundits and polls, which had predicted an easy win there for the former secretary of state. So how many delegates did Sanders walk away with on the so-called Super Tuesday 2?

Michigan had 130 delegates at stake, and Sanders will nab at least 63, while Clinton will secure at least 52. But that victory will do little to offset the gains Clinton made in Mississippi, where she trounced Sanders with 83 percent of the vote to his 17 percent. There, Clinton will walk away with at least 24 of the 36 delegates at stake, while Sanders will take four.

There was some speculation as to whether Sanders would even meet the 15-percent threshold required in Mississippi to take any delegates at all. Both Michigan and Mississippi dole out their delegates in proportion to the vote unless a candidate fails to meet a minimum percentage. If Sanders came under the 15-percent mark in Mississippi, he would have walked away with nothing.

The split win on Tuesday, however, gives Sanders' campaign something to boast about. Of the last six states with primary races, Sanders has won four. And while he still falls dramatically short once superdelegates are added to the mix — Clinton's total then jumps to at least 1,214, while Sanders is at 566 — the Vermont senator enters next week with another victory under his belt. At least 2,383 delegates are needed to win the Democratic nomination.