10 Ways You Know You're Dating A Potterhead

Everyone has that set of qualities they look for in a significant other. And let’s be real: for the hardcore Harry Potter fan, one of those qualities is probably “wants to attend Hogwarts as much as I do.”

If you’re dating someone who loves Harry Potter, you know what I’m talking about. You thought you were getting into an everyday relationship, and suddenly you're taking quizzes together to find out what wand you would use or what job you would have in the wizarding world. While other people are going to the movies and out to dinner, you’re watching the Harry Potter movie marathon on TV and trying to bake pumpkin pasties. And while some people are busy trying to write love poems, you know that all you have to say to make your SO’s heart melt is one word: Always.

Because that’s the deal when you date someone who loves Harry Potter: it’s just naturally going to overflow into other aspects of their life. And since they love the series so much, they want you to appreciate it, too. After all, if the series means so much to them, they’ll want to share it with you. So here are the signs that you’ve lucked into dating someone who loves Harry Potter.

Their First Question On The First Date Is "Have You Read Harry Potter?"

Before you had even ordered an appetizer, they leaned across the table and asked that Very Important Question: "Have you read Harry Potter?" If your answer was yes, the date was able to continue. If the answer was no, they immediately rushed you to the nearest bookstore, bought you a full collection, and told you to give them a call when you'd finished.

They Need To Know What House You're In

You had to take the Pottermore sorting quiz at some point, because your SO needed to know your Hogwarts house. And then they needed to compare it to theirs to make sure you were compatible. Forget Myers Briggs or other personality tests — they just wanted to know if you would have gotten along in the wizarding universe.

They Analyze Your Thoughts About The Series

A lot of your conversations are about what should have been in the HP movies... or your favorite chapters in the books... or little inside jokes that you know only they will catch. And they'll always be interested in hearing your insight about the story they love so much.

A Large Percentage Of Your Dates Revolve Around HP

From brewing up your own Butterbeer to watching A Very Potter Musical to planning a road trip to Harry Potter world, many of your dates involve HP-related activities. And hey, you're not going to complain — because at this point, you love the series as much as your SO does. What can you say? Their fangirling is contagious.

They Buy You HP Stuff Constantly

You have an extensive collection of HP merch at this point. You have Hogwarts scarves for days.

...And Buying Gifts For Them Is Super Easy

Whether it's Valentine's Day, their birthday, or July 31st, you always know what to buy your SO. All you have to do is get on Etsy, type in the words "Harry Potter," and you'll have options upon options.

They Compare Your Relationship To A HP Relationship

Are you more of a Harry and Ginny couple, or more of a Hermione and Ron? This is a question your SO might pose at some point, because they love comparing your relationship to the relationships in Harry Potter. And of course, they just KNOW your Patronuses would go together somehow.

Instead Of Asking You To Prom Or Formal, They Asked You To The Yule Ball

Even if it was just an offhand remark, you appreciated the fact that they would have taken you to the Yule Ball.

You Know A Ridiculous Amount Of HP Trivia Because Of Them

If you were just a casual fan before, you're not now, because your SO has told you plenty of HP trivia. You can beat every online quiz, no matter how difficult, because your SO has prepared you well.

Your Amortentia Would Smell Like Them

You know it's true — because as crazy obsessed with HP as they might be, you wouldn't have it any other way.

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