Never Do This To Your Nails At Home

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting my nails done. Manicures are pretty much everything when it comes to relaxing and feeling rejuvenated, whether you're doing it yourself or heading to a salon. But before getting your pamper on, keep in mind there is one thing you should never do to your nails while giving yourself a manicure: cut your cuticles. I didn't realize this at first and ending up having a really horrible experience as a result.

New York-based nail expert Simcha Whitehill (aka Miss Pop) explained to Cosmopolitan, "The thin sliver of skin along the bottom of your nail bed (aka your cuticle) serves an important purpose, which is to protect you from infection. Otherwise it's a point of entry. And when it's sliced open, because you or some salon tech doesn't know what he or she is doing with the nippers, the flood gates are immediately opened for bacteria and fungus to get inside and infect you." This is exactly what happened to me, and it was utterly gross and such a hassle.

I cut my cuticles during an at-home mani and wound up getting a really bad infection around my middle finger. I had to take proper care of it and made sure I avoided getting my nails done or painting them myself for months. I was pretty traumatized and became extremely cautious whenever I made a manicure appointment.

Dermatologist Ella Toombs, MD, told WebMD, "Cuticles don't want to be cut. They're supposed to be soft, and cutting can make them hard, more likely to fracture. If you cut it, it has an increased tendency to split off." Regardless, I now take extra care of my cuticles on my own time and make sure to steer clear of cuticle cutting, whether I'm doing my nails or getting them done by someone else.

On top of never ever cutting your cuticles again, you can make sure to take extra care of them by doing these simple things.

1. Make Sure To Moisturize

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Your cuticles are very delicate and fragile, so make sure to moisturize them as much as you can. They also have an extreme tendency to get really dry, so make sure you keep them healthy and well-moisturized, especially throughout the winter season.

2. Push Them Back Instead Of Cutting

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If you really want to get rid of your cuticles, try pushing them back instead as a different option. WebMD recommends using an orange stick and to lose the cuticle clippers.

3. Use Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

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Since your cuticles dry out easily, stay away from using acetone-based nail polish remover. This way your cuticles won't lose moisture and be so easily damaged.

4. Communicate With Your Manicurist

When getting your nails done by someone else make sure you tell him or her not to cut your cuticles instead of just going along with whatever they plan on doing. Tell them what you want!

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