Here's How to Make a Fashion Emergency Kit

The only thing worse than ripping a seam, losing a button or staining a perfectly put together outfit is doing it at an important occasion. No matter how careful you are, accidents seem to happen when you least expect them, leaving you horrified and uncomfortable with few options for fixing your situation. Split your pencil skirt down the back? Splattered that Jenna Lyons-crisp button-down with balsamic vinegar? Usually staying in your chair all day with your scarf tented around you is not a realistic solution.

Instead of praying to the fashion gods that nothing happens to your ensemble, take matters into your own hands and build your very own emergency kit to take with you. Here's exactly what you're going to need:


Think about all those moments when you've found yourself wishing you had a needle and thread with you. If there's one thing you absolutely need in your fashion emergency kit, let it be a compact sewing kit. From safety pins to extra buttons, this will take care of 99 percent of all the clothing crises you could possibly have. (Real Simple Sewing Kit, $9.99,


Coffee on your beige blouse. Wine on your skirt. It's happened to us too many times to not carry around a trusty stain remover all of the time. These magic pens can help erase any kind of stains including tea, chocolate and BBQ sauce, in the rare case you find yourself at a Fashion Week BBQ — who knows, stranger things have happened. It's best to be prepared. (Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover Pens [3 Pack], $8.99,


For those "Ugh" moments when you realize your heel tip is too worn down or worse, it actually breaks, there are these genius heel tips. What's more is that the cushioned tip doesn't just fix broken heels, it can also help make any high heel feel more comfortable. (Fab Feet Heel Tips, $5.99,


This is especially handy if you're a nail biter, but also necessary for anyone trying to prevent damage or breakage to their manicures. (Crystal Nail File, $8.95,


For those of you who aren't NYC natives, the weather forecast for Fashion Week is — surprise —cold and wintery. Don't let the snow and ice beat your hair down. Carry a bottle of hairspray and a brush to keep your 'do in check throughout the day. (L'Oreal Elnett Strong Hold Hairpsray, $6.95,


All that running around can make you work up a sweat. Stay fresh and clean with these compact deodorant towelettes. On the flip side, nothing is more annoying than a pesky deodorant mark on your black blouse. Easily remove them with a handy deodorant remover sponge. (Crystal Body Deodorant Towelettes, $10.56,; Deodorant Remover, $7.99,


Bumps, bruises and cuts — real emergencies can happen, too. Bring a few Band-Aids for those just-in-case accidents. In the name of fashion, try these adorable ones designed by Cynthia Rowley. (Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids, $2.99,


Just like rips and stains, headaches can surprise you at any second of the day. Carry a pack (or two) of your most trusted pain reliever. (Advil Vial, $5.49,