16 Huge 'Cloverfield Lane' Spoilers

When a movie is as wrapped in secrecy as the J.J. Abrams-produced 10 Cloverfield Lane is, revealing practically anything about it constitutes sharing a spoiler. A lot of fans prefer to go in as blind as possible, and in my opinion, that's for the best; the movie works so well because of its suspense, surprises, and all of its many twists and turns. Yet some people can't bear not to know what happens before they walk into a thriller or a horror movie, and so for those of you that fall into that category, I'm here to provide all the 10 Cloverfield Lane spoilers you need to have a relaxing time at a film that's supposed to make you feel anything but.

But where to start? The entire movie is practically a spoiler, considering that all people can tell from the trailers and interviews is that Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Emmet (John Gallagher, Jr.) and Howard (John Goodman) are living in a bunker. It's implied that Howard is dangerous and that Michelle wants to escape, as well as that the outside world may contain something horrific. But that's it — the rest is, for most people, a total surprise until they walk into the theater. Not for you, though, as here are the 16 biggest Cloverfield Lane spoilers.

1. Michelle Is Trapped In The Bunker Against Her Will

This can be inferred from the trailer, seeing as she tries to escape Howard, but it's made a fact in the movie. At the beginning of the film, Michelle gets into a car accident and wakes up in the bunker, without any clue where she is or why she's there, and no way to escape. It's also revealed later that Howard is the one who drove her off the road.

2. But Emmet Is There Voluntarily

Emmet worked with Howard to build the bunker, and when creepy things started happening, he joined Howard inside to keep safe. He and Michelle soon become friends.

3. Because Howard Believes The World Is Under Attack

As he explains to Michelle, he's always been prepared for an apocalypse-type occasion, and when strange flashes of light appeared and the air supposedly became toxic, he knew it was happening for real, so he hid in the bunker.

4. And He Just Might Be Right

Although Michelle doesn't believe him at first, she starts to reconsider when a clearly sick woman who seems to be choking — presumably from the toxic air — tries to get into the bunker.

5. Howard Is Totally Evil & Creepy

As the trailers imply, Howard is not exactly the nicest dude; although he says he's sharing his bunker with Michelle and Emmet out of generosity, he has a major temper, a love for weapons, and, most importantly, a "daughter" who, Michelle discovers, isn't actually his daughter at all. Instead, his real child has either died or disappeared, and Howard's been kidnapping women (and possibly killing them), including Michelle, in a disturbing attempt to replace her.

6. But He's Not The Actual Monster

Some people have theorized that Howard is the monster of the movie, but while he is clearly a bad guy, he's not an actual monster. More on that later...

7. Although He Does Kill Emmet

In the first major shock of the movie, Howard shoots and kills Emmet, while under the impression that by doing so, he's saving Michelle. Let's just say Michelle isn't exactly in agreement.

8. So Michelle Escapes, Trapping Howard Inside

Michelle and Emmet had been planning an escape, but after Howard kills Emmet, Michelle knows that it's time to take action. When Howard spots some of the material she was using to make a gas mask (in the case the air really is toxic), she runs out, keeping Howard at bay with a giant tub of acid, falling shelves, and an accidentally-set fire. Although he, gravely injured, tries to stop her, she manages to get away, and enters the outdoor world.

9. But Outdoors Is CRAY

Like, way more than Howard even could've guessed. Although Michelle discovers that the air is not toxic, she sees what look to be alien spaceships and terrifying creatures, some of which are coming right for her. She spends a lot of time freaking out, running, hiding, and thinking of ways to keep herself alive.

10. The House And Bunker Blow Up, Presumably Killing Howard

That is, if he wasn't already dead.

11. There Are Aliens All Over The Place

Michelle — and the viewer — have no idea if the creatures and spaceships belong to an alien race or are the results of some chemical/nuclear attack, but it doesn't matter; they're terrifying, and they want to kill her. Michelle manages to avoid them for awhile, hiding out in cars and sheds, but there are many close calls.

12. But Michelle Drives Them Off

Thanks to some quick thinking, Michelle makes a Molotov cocktail and injures the main alien attacking her, getting enough space so that she can start the car and drive far, far away.

13. And Then She Gets The Hell Out Of There

She drives as fast as she can away from Howard's place....

14. Until She Hears People On The Radio

Specifically, people saying that anyone listening has two options: either to drive towards safety, or provide medical help to survivors of the massive attack. After some thinking, Michelle makes a decision.

15. And She Goes To Help Other Survivors

Because clearly, she hasn't had enough craziness for one lifetime. Michelle is kind, but she is insane.

16. And That's How The Movie Ends

Yep. Really.

So there you have it, all the spoilers you could want for 10 Cloverfield Lane. As for what it all means? Only the filmmakers can help you with that.

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