Kanye West's New Music Video For "Black Skinhead" Pulled From Site

Kanye West has been receiving a ton of buzz for his recently released album Yeezus, and it seems that his latest music video will be getting similar attention. West's video for his song "Black Skinhead" was put on the rapper's website Monday, only to be pulled off the site shortly afterward. The video features a (poorly) CGI-ed version of Kanye dancing in the dark to the song. At some point, wolves are also involved. And a very naked West getting very close to the camera. It's all unclear as to why.

So, why the video pull? Well, for one thing, it has been fielding flack for being underproduced. The most popular criticism of the video was how much West looks like a character from The Sims. We can only assume that CGI is one of the few things that Kanye is not the self-proclaimed master of.

Image: HypeBeat