A Math Question Could Get You 3 Years Of Pizza Hut

I'm slightly regretting all the times I wrote fan fiction instead of paying attention in high school algebra, because it turns out if you happen to have a math brain, you'll be able to win free Pizza Hut on Pi Day. All you have to do starting at 8 a.m. on Monday, March 14 is answer one of three math questions, and you'll get pizza for a whopping 3.14 years.

In case you don't know what Pi Day is, it's a celebration of the mathematical constant Pi (π), which is approximated to 3.14 — hence the shenanigans on March 14 in its honor. Most of us have piggy-backed on Pi Day as an excuse to go to town on pies of the apple or cream variety, but Pizza Hut's new contest is here to remind us who the REAL pie bosses are. There's only one catch — these math problems are crazy AF.

If you don't believe me, consider that they range in difficulty from high school to PhD level, and have been personally by Princeton mathematics professor John H. Conway. And just in case you were hoping to live out the plot of The Perfect Score and get those questions ahead of time, you should know that these questions are on such lockdown right now that even Pizza Hut doesn't know what they are.

Your only solace, fellow math messes, is that there will be three winners, one for each question. So even if you can't pull 15 years of intense math-ing out of your head, you still have a shot. To enter, visit the Pizza Hut Blog on Monday, March 14 to see the three questions. The first person to answer each one correctly in the comment box under the question will win $1600 worth of glorious, glorious pizza.

TL;DR — there's a math version of The Hunger Games on Pi Day this year, and may the odds be ever in your favor. As for me, I already know what my answer will be.


Images: Pizza Hut/Instagram