7 At-Home Hacks For Shinier, Healthier Hair

It's officially time to stop wasting your money. While all of those expensive shine enhancing serums may seem like a dream-come-true, you can amp up your hair's natural shine at-home for next to nothing. In fact, there are several ways to add sheen to your locks simply using items found in your pantry. How easy is that? With just a bit of DIY ingenuity, you can be on your way to healthier, glossier locks.

When it comes to sprucing up my strands, I personally prefer to take a more natural route. Products with crazy ingredient lists and unknown chemicals kind of freak me out. So, in order to keep my own hair looking nice and shiny, I like to turn to items that are more naturally derived. What's great about choosing these types of items is that most of them can be found in your pantry. Many foods like avocado, honey, and even eggs are great for enhancing your hair's natural shine. Plus, these solutions can be pretty tasty too. So, go ahead, and ditch your fancy hair products. You won't be needing them. Here are seven DIY hacks for shiny, glossy looking hair.

1. Add Aspirin To Your Shampoo


As weird as it sounds, adding crushed aspirin to your shampoo is a great way to amp up your hair's shine. The salicylic acid in the medication helps to remove excess buildup in the hair and scalp leaving behind clean, shiny hair, according to Redbook.

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2. Skip The Shampoo

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According to hairstyle and Redken ambassador, Rodney Cutler in an interview with Elle, an easy way to enhance your hair's shine is to rely on the oils your hair naturally has. The stylist recommended to skip a day of shampooing, and brush the natural oils from your scalp throughout your strands.

3. Bench Your Traditional Conditioner

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Instead of moisturizing your strands with a traditional conditioner, try reaching for more natural oils like coconut or olive oil. These powerful products work great at moisturizing your strands, adding shine, and leaving your locks feeling super soft, according to Bustle.com writer Kristin Collins Jackson.

4. Steal A Victoria's Secret Model's Hair Recipe

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Even Victoria's Secret models appreicate a good at-home DIY. According to Allure, model Alessandra Ambrosio uses a baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse to cleanse her hair and add shine. The model using a tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of filtered water to cleanse her hair, and then follows up with a misting of vinegar and filtered water. Obviously, this combination has a powerful effect as the model always has knock-out hair.

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5. Make A Hair Mask


Give you hair a radiant glow by making an at-home hair mask out of simple pantry ingredients. Elle suggested using avocado, maple syrup, coconut milk, and honey to spruce up your strands. Simply mix the ingredients together, and leave on for 15 minutes.

6. Take A Cold Shower

According to LivingHealthy.com, rinsing your hair with cold water is the perfect way to add shine and dimension to your hair. The colder temperature closes the hair cuticle, and allows the your strands to reflect light better.

7. Take Your Vitamins

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According to hairstylist, Johnny Wright in an interview with InStyle, vitamin E capsules are a great tool for faking shiny hair. The stylist simply breaks open a capsule, and rubs the oil along the hairline. Not only will this trick give you hair a glossier appearance, but it's also an amazing way to nourish your strands.

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See? You don't need a ton of fancy products to achieve glossier locks. All you need is a good at-home DIY for silky, shiny strands.

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