'Bach's JoJo Has So Many Real World Qualifications

by Caroline Gerdes

One of the best parts of getting to know contestants on The Bachelor is seeing the bizarre jobs listed below their names, from former pro cheerleaders, to “dog lovers,” to “free-spirits,” to whatever a “pantsapreneur” is, these jobs are crazy. It’s always refreshing to see a relatable contestant, with a real, or real-ish, job. Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher nailed her entry this season, and it wasn’t because of the hilarious unicorn head that she wore out of the limo — OK, maybe a little because of the unicorn head. But, JoJo had a real job title of real estate developer, according to her ABC bio.

But, while JoJo began the show as a real estate developer, there is no denying that she is leaving The Bachelor as a reality TV star. She has made it to the final two, alongside Lauren Bushnell. One of these women will be named the winner on the March 14 finale, and fans hope the other stays close to the Bachelor franchise (possibly as the next Bachelorette?). With this newfound fame, it seems that JoJo could have a few more job titles added to her name. Here are all of JoJo's jobs, from realty to reality TV, now that her time on The Bachelor is coming to a close.

Real Estate Developer

According to JoJo’s LinkedIn, she is the owner of JHF Realty Development LLC. JHF also happens to be her initials.

Reality Star

In addition to her work on The Bachelor, JoJo has some reality TV connections. Her stepbrother Ben Patton was on Eva Longoria’s Ready For Love. Yes, the same stepbrother that was rude to Ben H. And, according to the above Instagram pic, she and Ben went shooting with another former Bachelor, Jake Pavelka.

Baylor Grad

According to LinkedIn, she graduated from Baylor with a Bachelor of Applied Science in 2011. Pretty swanky!

Fashion Instagrammer

While JoJo is no stranger to an #OOTD post, it seems some of her Instagram posts now have tagged brands and could be somewhat sponsored content. Get it, girl.

Free Spirit

OK, if JoJo had a fake, Bachelor job it would be “Free Spirit.” Chris Harrison described her as such ahead of the first episode. He told Yahoo, “She is a little spitfire from Dallas — my hometown, so gotta love her. She is a real estate developer and a free spirit.”


Could JoJo be this season’s winner and live happily ever after with Ben H.? We’ll have to find out on Monday, March 14.

Images: Rick Rowell, Craig Sjodin/ABC