JoJo Has So Many Feelings About 'The Bachelor'

From being whisked off to romantic faraway places to group dates with swimming pigs, The Bachelor can be a lot of things, but it is always fun for fans to tune into Monday nights. But is it as fun to watch The Bachelor if you have lived The Bachelor? Most pressingly, is JoJo Fletcher watching The Bachelor this season?

With the Season 20 finale just around the corner on Monday, March 14, plenty of fans are planning to watch. But, who else will be tuning in? Will the finalists themselves be watching? I guess that could also depend on the outcome. We know from JoJo’s Twitter and Instagram that she has been watching parts of this season. But, will she be watching the finale, win or lose? I could see how it could be cathartic and possibly give someone closure to watch the relationship end. Alternatively, it would also be pretty romantic to relive your proposal.

While we won’t know if JoJo is watching, or if she is the winner, until the March 14 finale, we do know that she has been tuning in all season long, according to her social media, and joining the conversation on Twitter. And, she understandably has a lot to say.

She Has A Viewing Routine, Like The Rest Of Us

Wine, The Bachelor, and yoga pants — yes please!

She's Supported Other Contestants


She & Her Mom Had The Best Hometown Date Reaction

After an awkward evening meeting the parents and the stepbrothers, JoJo’s mom stole the show when she drank wine out the bottle. And, JoJo and her mom had the best reaction to this.

She Has Shared Some Of Her Favorite Moments

Watching the show seems to be a way for her to relive her best moments.

She Has Had A Sense Of Humor

Even JoJo is laughing about the weird swimming with pigs date.

She’s Thanked Her Fans

During the show’s ups and downs, she’s used social media as a platform to thank supporters.

She Shares Her Clothes … Sort Of

JoJo does the digital equivalent of letting fans raid her closet. When viewers ask, JoJo is quick to share where she bought her outfits and accessories on social media.

As for the finale's outcome? We'll just have to check Twitter on Monday to see if she tweets heart eyes or a crying face.

Images: Jean Whiteside/ABC