Shower Hacks That'll Get You Cleaner Faster

by Summer Arlexis

Believe it or not, your morning shower can be the difference between a great day and a chaotic nightmare. If you've ever powered through your shower routine only to realize nearly 30 minutes passed while you were on autopilot in la la land, then you know it can trigger a rushed and stressful morning. When you can't be bothered with running late again, a few hacks for a faster shower are in order.

We all love the precious "me time" that a soothing shower gives us, but sometimes speeding things along is necessary. The rest of your day is probably hacked anyway by all the speedy makeup routines and tips to get you ready faster, but quicker showers have their perks too. The sooner you're squeaky clean, the quicker you can get those hands clutched around your favorite mug of freshly brewed coffee. You'll also conserve water in the process, plus long showers aren't great for your skin.

Maybe your roommates are secretly planning to attack because you constantly use all of the hot water. Maybe you're just trying to avoid having to speed through your beauty routine. No matter the reason, these time-saving shower hacks will get you cleaner faster so you can move on with your morning.

1. Time it to a playlist.

Your morning seems to slip away while you're washing up because you don't know how much time you're actually spending in the shower. A timer could be the solution, but where's the fun in that? To jazz things up, create a special playlist of the desired length you'd want to spend in the shower. You'll be able to rock out while keeping track of the time. No worries if you don't have a waterproof speaker. You can always place your cellphone in your empty sink bowl and amplify your tunes. As long as you don't get too caught up pretending to be Natasha Bedingfield, feel free to have a total Emma Stone moment with your shower head.

2. Turn the temperature down.

Cold or lukewarm showers may not sound appealing to most, but the drop in temperature will likely entice you to speed things along. A soothing, hot shower will only make you want to lollygag even more, so try bathing with colder water when you don't have time to spare. It sounds miserable, but you can always reward yourself with a steaming cup of coffee afterwards.

3. Shampoo and condition together.

When you're in a hurry, all-in-one products are your best friends. Knock shampooing and conditioning out at the same time by using multitasking products like the uniqONE All In One Shampoo & Balm. Cleansing and conditioning your hair simultaneously will kick one less step out of your shower routine.

uniqOne All In One Shampoo & Balm, $14, Amazon

4. Or condition and do everything else.

Double duty products may not be your thing. I get it. You could always wash your hair first. While your conditioner is settling in, wash the rest of your body. You've got to become a master multitasker if you're going to save time in the shower.

5. Moisturize with an in-shower body lotion.

What you do after your shower is just as important as what you do during it. Yes, that means moisturizing because no one likes dry, patchy skin. Cut down on your routine, however, by opting for an in-shower lotion. Nivea offers a range of in-shower body lotions to meet your skincare needs so you don't have to worry about moisturizing post-shower. You'll get your daily dose of moisture without the time-guzzling hassle of drying off and lathering up after your shower.

Nivea Nourishing In Shower Body Lotion, $5, Amazon

6. Shave with oil-based products.

Shaving the night before would be ideal for cutting your shower time in half the next day. But if you can't refrain from shaving in the morning, use an oil-based gel instead of your typical shaving cream. An oil-based product like L'Occitane's Cade Shaving Cream will give you an easy shave while also moisturizing your skin. With the essential oils and shea butter you get from a product like this, your skin will forgive you if you forgo putting on lotion afterwards to save time.

L'Occitane Cade Shaving Cream, $28, Amazon

7. Try a navy shower.

When all other time-saving efforts fail, try taking a navy shower. A navy shower keeps water use to an ultimate minimum, getting the wash down to as little as two minutes. You'll use the first thirty seconds to get wet and then turn off the water. Next, lather up with soap and scrub away. Finally, turn the water on again to rinse off in a minute or less. Voilà, shower over!

Next time you're pressed for time, use these tips to have a shower quickie. You'll be able to hop in and out of the tub like a pro without wasting your morning.

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