'Bachelor' Ben Broke This Contestant's Heart

Every season of The Bachelor is always presented as its most dramatic, but Chris Harrison really wasn't exaggerating about this one. Ben Higgins sort of prized himself on being a Bachelor unlike the many (18, to be exact, because Brad Womack did this whole thing twice) before him, and his wish came true — Ben told two women that he was in love with them. Of course, there can only be one true winner of The Bachelor, so Lauren or JoJo had to be sent home. Unfortunately, Ben didn't propose to JoJo on The Bachelor.

Poor, poor JoJo. I knew that she was really in for it when Ben told her that he was in love with her (unprompted, it’s worth noting) in the penultimate episode of the season. When he dropped that L bomb, JoJo’s face was a mix of confusion, relief, happiness, and well, potential — the potential of the rest of a life spent with Ben Higgins. Watching that scene, I just knew JoJo was going to get her heart smashed to pieces, and, come The Bachelor finale, she did. It was obvious when JoJo started talking about how much she would do to make a relationship work — she lives in Dallas and Ben lives in Denver, so she was basically talking about relocating for him — and Ben just sort of gave a combination nod/shrug to her assertions about making a relationship happen. And then he told her that he also told Lauren he loved her. That didn’t bode well at all.

So here’s how the actual breakup went down: JoJo stepped out of the helicopter (no limos here, you guys), accompanied by Chris Harrison, patron saint of The Bachelor. JoJo's voiceover said something about Ben promising "never to blindside" her, and the writing was on the wall. JoJo gave a speech about taking a chance on love, Ben was all "I found love...and it was real with you... but I love someone else more." JoJo was understandably devastated and angry because, well, Ben blindsided her. Ben kept talking about he loved JoJo, but dude. Stop talking. Really. Just let JoJo go and be free and not deal with indecisive schmucks like you.

Poor, sweet, sweet JoJo. This is basically what she says has happened to her in the past — she loved a man more than he loved her and it destroyed her. Even though we all knew it was coming, it was so hard to see JoJo be devastated like that. I think Ben’s to blame here — he did not have to tell her that he loved her. He could have done the whole “I care about you a lot, too,” thing that all of the other Bachelors do. I really hope that JoJo finds love in the future and recovers from this Bachelor heartbreak soon.

Image: Matt Dunn/ABC