How Much Is Kyle Richards Worth? This ‘Real Housewife’ Might Be One Of The Richest

It’s no big secret to anyone that The Real Housewives have a lot of money. But just how much these women make from their various businesses, their partners, and their annual salary from Bravo is a little vague. When it comes to hard and fast numbers, these women prefer to stay rather mum. Especially Kyle Richards, who, even though she has a husband who is one of the top 10 real estate agents in the country, appears to be one of the most normal housewives in the franchise. But you wouldn’t believe how much money Kyle Richards is actually worth. When you start adding up the numbers from her various business ventures, the show, and her husband’s booming real estate business, it starts to become pretty apparent that Kyle Richards has a lot of money.

Don’t let the modest façade of her beautiful home fool you. This housewife is rolling in the dough. With a high-end fashion boutique with her name on it, a past career as an actress on a number of hit projects, a starring role on one of the most popular franchises on TV, and a husband that makes serious bank, it’s no wonder that Kyle Richards is one of the wealthiest housewives out there.

So how much does Kyle Richards actually make and where exactly does she get all of that money? Keep reading, babies, because you’re in for a very rich awakening.

As A Store Owner

As the owner of Kyle by Alene Too, Richards is probably making a pretty penny. According to, the average retail owner makes between $19,000 and $192,000 annually. Considering that Richards is rather famous (hello, free marketing!) and that her store is in Beverly Hills, I’m assuming she easily makes on the high end of this spectrum, if not more.

Estimated Annual Salary: $192,000

As Mauricio’s Wife

Hey, when you’re married, what your spouse makes is also what you make, so Richards’ worth is in part defined by her husband. And, according to a 2013 interview with Forbes, Mauricio Umansky is the no. 1 realtor in California, closing on nearly $100 million in home sales that year. If he makes 5 percent of those sales in commission (a pretty standard cut for real estate agents), then he’s easily making $5 million each year. Although the actual figure is probably more because a) that was back in 2013, and b) he probably also gets a cut of every sale that the other agents who work for his agency close on as well. It pays to be the boss. It pays a lot.

Estimated Annual Salary: $5 million

As An Actress

No, she hasn’t been in many projects recently, but Kyle Richards has a long career of television and acting roles, including her most recent recurring role on E.R. And here’s the thing: if you have so much as a speaking role in a television show or movie, you are entitled to residuals from those projects, according to Still, what Richards make in residuals depends largely on what she was paid in the first place, and, since Richards’ roles weren’t huge (and the percentage of her pay is probably low), she’s likely making the least from this source of income.

Estimated Annual Salary: $1,000

As A Real Housewife

Back in 2013, OK Magazine released a list of all the Real Housewives’ salaries, including Kyle Richards’. According to the report, Richards made $225,000 in 2013. But considering the success of the Beverly Hills franchise and Richards’ starring role in it, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were making considerably more these days.

Estimated Annual Salary: $350,000

Estimated Total Annual Salary: $5.55 million

Not too shabby a lifestyle for this Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That’s definitely enough to keep her in fancy shoes for the next season or two.

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