Who Took Hanna On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Rosewood Has A Long List Of Kidnapping Suspects

I don’t know about other Pretty Little Liar fans, but I’m still reeling from that Season 6 finale. The episode really covered a lot of ground — Jessica DiLaurentis literally has an evil twin, Mona is on the Liars’ side, Ezria hooked up, and Rollins is not the loving man we thought he was. All dramatic, yes, but I’m not really here for that. What I want to know is who took Hanna on Pretty Little Liars ?

My favorite "iar has been snatched, y’all, and I’m just as worried about her as Caleb is (and let's not forget that Hanna and Caleb shared a pretty good lip lock in the finale). A brief recap — the Liars set up a booby trap to find A-moji (that’s the name the show gave it, I would never, ever say that unless I had to), and when they all went to see who was in the trap, Hanna was — boom — snatched right out of her seemingly uncrackable room. In the last moments of the episode, we saw a bloodied Hanna being dragged through the church, much in the same way that Charlotte would have been before she died. Whoever is doing this is clearly trying to avenge Charlotte’s death (even though Hanna lied about killing Charlotte), that’s an easy motive.

The harder question to answer now is who could this person be? Mary Drake (aka Jessica DiLaurentis’ evil twin) and Dr. Rollins are out, because we saw them later on, but I have plenty of other ideas on who kidnapped Hanna. And for even more theories, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

Sara Harvey

This is the obvious one, I know, but sometimes the answer is right in front of our faces (especially with Pretty Little Liars). Why would Sara be mad that Charlotte is dead? Because she didn’t get to kill Charlotte herself. Sara seems like a can-do lady, and she would want to enact revenge herself. She may need someone to help hold the murder weapon, but she’ll do it.

Lucas Gottesman

Wild card! Sure, Lucas basically just offered to bankroll Hanna starting her own fashion line, I know, but what if he was just doing it to butter her up? Wasn’t Lucas a part of the A Team for 15 minutes? He could have allegiances to Charlotte that none of us realized. There’s really no reason for Lucas to be back in Rosewood, anyway, so what are his motives here?

Wren Kingston

Did anyone else notice just that Elliott Rollins looked just like Wren when he was pulling off his Wilden mask? They’re both British. Do they know each other? Are they related? I never thought Wren was his real name anyway. Maybe Wren is helping Mary Drake and Rollins with their nefarious deeds.

Melissa Hastings

Melissa always has something to hide. Even if she’s not hiding something, she’s hiding something. Melissa and CeCe (aka Charlotte) were buddies, and maybe Melissa was way more affected by Charlotte’s death than she let on. Melissa always plays her cards close to the vest, but she’s always ready for revenge (it’s a Hastings thing).

Noel Kahn

What’s Noel Kahn doing five years later? I’m sure he’s being his sexy self, creeping under sheets in his family’s lake house. Actually, that’s probably the only thing he’s doing post-grad. Maybe he just wanted to stir up a little bit of trouble. OK, fine — this is just a ploy for me to see Noel Kahn again.

Hanna is gone and we can’t find out who took her until Pretty Little Liars returns, which means I'll be spending the next few months worrying about my favorite Liar.

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