How To Wear Blue Grey Lipstick & Look Totally Awesome Like Willow Smith On ‘W’ Magazine — PHOTOS

This 15-year-old has a lot going for her. Not only is she on the cover of the April issue of W magazine, she was also recently signed as the brand ambassador for Chanel. So, it’s safe to say that she’s accomplished much more fashionable things than I had by the age of 15. And beyond all of that — she can slay a bold lip color. Find out how to wear blue grey lipstick as well as Willow Smith does in her cover photo and editorial spread for the magazine. Because if this girl’s got anything to do with it (and she does), this is going to be the new “It” color.

Springtime is usually associated with pastels and neon colors, but this darker shade may convince you to break out of the norm this season. Because yes, it’s just that good. Given that Smith has such amazing edgy style, she’s just the gal to show us how rocking a blue lip is done. In the photos, she demonstrates that it can pair well with a golden yellow eyeshadow and/or an outfit that’s got a bit of whimsy. Wearing a dramatic lip shade doesn’t mean your look has to have a serious tone; it’s all about finding the right balance.

So, break out the colorful shadows and your best textures and prints because these elements will keep your dramatic lip look on the light-hearted and fun side. Let Smith teach you a thing or two about bluish lips, and then shop the best products to get the look for yourself.

All three ladies look amazing, but I have a hard time looking at anything other than that incredible blue grey lipstick!

Here she shows us that a lippie like this one pairs well with a shimmery yellow shadow.

It also goes well with a fun garment that's got a little something added to it, such as texture or a bold pattern.

1. Matte Blue Lippie

Matte Royal Lipstick in Deep Blue, $17, MAC Cosmetics

There's going to be no stopping you with a deep blue hue slathered on your lips, you trendsetter, you.

2. Teal Lipstick

The Estée Edit By Estée Mattified Lipstick in Blue/Green Teal, $22, Sephora

For a lighter option, go for more of a teal lip color. It doesn't get more playful than that!

3. Blue Gloss

Sephora Collection Gloss Balm in Peek-a-Blue, $10, Sephora

Go for a shiny look with a blue gloss.

4. Golden Shimmer

Make Up For Ever Star Powder in Yellow Gold, $20, Sephora

Give this a dusting over your eyes and cheeks or wherever you need a little sparkle.

5. Wet Look Shadow

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow, $29, Sephora

An eyeshadow that goes dries looking wet will give you the perfect glow.

6. Gold Eye Pencil

Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon in Gold Rush, $6, Target

This easy-to-apply shadow is long-lasting, making it a great option for wherever your spring adventures take you.

Shop these beauty products for a bold makeup look that will do Willow Smith proud.

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