There's A New Dream Team Covering 'W' Magazine

Watch out world, there's a new dream team on the scene, and I'm pretty much crying, but, you know, the good kind of crying where you're shaking with excitement. According to The Daily Mail UK, Willow Smith, Zendaya & Kiernan Shipka have graced the cover of W magazine and they look absolutely flawless. I'm sure all of their parents are extremely proud of how successful and well-minded these young ones are. I feel almost attached to this group of empowering young women as I've seen each of them grow up and still stay completely humbled and graceful.

Whether it's Willow Smith being featured in fashion campaigns, Zendaya slaying it up on the red carpet, or Kiernan Shipka being Sally Draper in Mad Men, each one of these ladies have had an already extremely successful career at such a young age. And now, being on the cover on W magazine, their altogether presence is basically the epitome of #goals. With bold makeup, chic haircuts, and commanding demeanors, these ladies are clearly strong, independent women.

Let's just take a moment to analyze each of their ensembles, shall we? First of all Zendaya's blonde hair and embroidered dress is so gorgeous. Meanwhile, Shipka's relaxed, yet minimalistic top completely fits her classic and elegant style. And did you see Willow's vest? It's pretty much everything. Also, I just can't get over how beautiful they all look rocking those bold lips.

On top of not only rocking the super relaxed couture look and being the ultimate trendsetters, these young ladies clearly have the desire to make a change in the world and their industry. They're also just extremely cool, down-to-earth, and well-cultured.

Each of the women had a chance to open up about their lives and how it feels to be in the spotlight at their young age. Zendaya explained to W about the moment Mattel asked to make a Barbie that resembled her. She said, "I was so excited that Barbie wanted to diversify their brand. Now all little girls can have a Barbie that looks like them."

Willow talked about how her mother inspires her and also mentioned having posters of very influential icons in her room. Icons that are far beyond her years. "I have John Lennon. I have a bunch of Hindu posters that are more like tapestries. And I have Tupac. He’s a tapestry, too."

Shipka showed her down-to-earth attitude in her interview when she talked about the one thing she feels like she has missed out on. "I do want to go to the prom. Or several proms, hopefully. That’s my goal. I’ve been to the Emmys, but prom — that’s where it’s at." Real talk.

Well, I certainly can't wait for this dream team to take over the world. It's a great feeling knowing there are young ladies standing out from the rest and being comfortable in their own skin. Goals for real.

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