11 Easter Egg Ideas That Are Actually Cool

Easter eggs are by far the best part of this springtime holiday, but sometimes the blank white canvas of an egg can be overwhelming. When there are so many creative options, where do you begin? Well fear not, egg artist, I have all the creative Easter egg ideas you could possibly need here. For example, have you ever thought of gluing green moss onto an egg for a stunning minimalist design? Or perhaps you should consider filling generic looking eggs with gold confetti, creating a wonderful confetti bomb. Or maybe you should skip the egg part entirely, and whip up a batch of egg-shaped Jell-O for eggs that are both delicious and beautiful.

My favorite Easter eggs are usually the simple food coloring dyed ones, but the options below are really giving them a run for their money. I had no idea that Easter eggs could be such a source of expression. And I know it sounds like I’m mocking Easter eggs, but I really mean it. Holy cow, this activity is so much more fun than I ever realized. I’m ready to drop everything and challenge all my friends to an egg contest. The eggs below are some of my favorites, so feel free to try the designs for yourself or use them as inspiration, creating even more egg-cellent creations. Sorry, not sorry for the pun.

1. DIY Lisa Frank Eggs

Throwback! Try these insanely awesome Lisa Frank eggs from Studio DIY for the perfect combination of nostalgia and neon.

2. Watercolor Letter Easter Eggs

It doesn't get much cooler than these watercolor eggs from Oh Happy Day. Maybe spell out a message of your own, and use them as a dinner centerpiece.

3. DIY Bouffant Eggs

Paint me like one of your Easter eggs. How cool are these eggs from StudioDIY? Click through for the full DIY and even more inspo.

4. Rainbow Jell-O Eggs

Looking for a more edible version of Easter eggs? Try this rainbow Jell-O DIY for a dessert that is crazy cool and delicous.

5. Marbled Paper Mache Eggs

This paper mache egg DIY from Vitamini Handmade is just so cute I can hardly stand it.

6. DIY Moss Eggs

These simple eggs from The Merry Thought are a beautiful minimalist take on the classic colorful eggs.

7. Confetti Eggs

Turn plain old eggs into amazing confetti bombs, courtesy of Oh Happy Day. P.S. If you click through, you'll learn that you can also fill these up with delicious snacks like Fruity Pebbles — yes please!

8. Pysanky Eggs

These Ukranian eggs take a bit more work and care, but the results are stunning. Turn to Vitamini Handmade for the full instructions and inspiration.

9. Emoji Eggs

There has never been a more appropriate time to bring emojis to life than on Easter eggs. Paint all your favorite faces (and symbols too, I suppose), and get decorating!

10. Easter Egg Candy Bars

You can also skip the decorating eggs and instead decorate WITH eggs, as this delicous treat from A Beautiful Mess shows us.

11. Go The Classic Route

And finally, perhaps the best egg decorating method of them all: PAAS Classic dye. You cannot go wrong with this tried and true method.

Pass Egg Dye, $1.50,

For more ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Studio DIY (2), Oh Happy Day (2), Vitamini Handmade (2), The Merry Thought, A Beautiful Mess