6 Ways To Host An Adult Easter Egg Hunt

by Megan Broussard

Remember when you were a kid, and Easter egg hunts were the best things ever? It was a childhood favorite that let you chase your dreams in the form of plastic eggs filled with cheap, delicious treats, and those gross malt things that quickly taught you life's more like an Easter egg hunt than a box of chocolates, for sure. You know what I think? An adult Easter egg hunt is exactly what you need this year.

Yes, it’s rewarding and honorable to host an egg hunt for the kiddies in your family, too. But, let’s be real, it’s probably because you’re hungover, and would rather be out in the fresh air than inside explaining to your family why you're still single. Just don’t take a nap under a tree and keep the kids waiting. You can sleep it off after the Sunday meal.

After you’ve completed your aunt-ly duties, reward yourself and your friends with an adult Easter egg hunt back at your place. Not many places to hide Easter eggs in your 200-square-foot apartment? Head to the park! Or, if you're feeling adventurous, take your hunt all over the city while wearing Easter bunny costumes that reflect your favorite clay-animation classics (optional).

My point is, there are tons of ways to give a classic Easter egg hunt a grownup spin. And yes, some of these ideas involve alcohol, so please hunt responsibly, people.

1. Truth Or Hare

This first idea comes from a friend in PR who couldn't resist sharing one of her favorite games from college. It involves shots, DUH! So you already know you're going to like this one.

Instead of having an Easter egg hunt per se, fill a large bowl with plastic eggs. Each one should have either a shot of a particular type of alcohol, or a piece of paper with a dare written on it. Pick an egg out of the bowl. If it has alcohol, take the shot. If it has the piece of paper, read it out loud and complete the dare. If you don't want to do the dare, take a shot.

I mean, I don't know about you, but I would just choose shots EVERY TIME. (A little sacrilegious, but whatever).

2. There Goes Peter Cottontail... On A Scavenger Hunt

But, not just any old scavenger hunt where you have to steal a street sign, or spot historical sites, or get pushed around in a shopping cart at Walmart while dribbling those bouncy balls in the center bins. No, we're talking about an Easter bonanza, where you split your group into teams in search of egg clues you have already hidden around the city.

Each location could have a tie to an Easter treat or tradition — a cupcake shop filled with tasty pastel pastries, a pub with an Easter special, or a costume shop where you'll find bunny ears. The winning team gets a round of drinks on the losers afterwards.

3. Get An Easter Piñata

Buy a piñata, and fill it up with plastic eggs full of prizes you'd actually want. Have everyone contribute to the prizes, and be sure they are desirable like tiny cute jewelry items, gift cards, movie tickets, and other trinkets of value.

4. Confetti Egg Game

This one comes from the DIY lifestyle genius Oh Happy Day. Instructions say to fill eggshells with confetti, and set aside one special egg full of gold glitter. Then, hide them around a nearby park. Participants smash the eggs they find on each other, and whoever ends up getting showered in gold confetti wins the grand prize. I think the grand prize should be a blowout since he or she will be haunted by glitter from here to there until a professional intervenes. Just sayin'.

5. Easter Egg Hunt Drinking Game

Go ahead and hide plastic Easter eggs around the house, but rather than fill them with candy, fill them with slips of paper instructing the lucky egg finder how many sips to take from his or her drink. So easy. So fun.

6. Propose Marriage

Or, you could propose. If you're looking to get hitched and want to share it with family and friends, an adult Easter egg hunt is a great way to do it. Just be sure the golden egg protecting the ring doesn't get into the wrong hands. You don't want a false proposal to happen. It would be really awkward if your confirmed-bachelor cousin finds himself in the hot seat after his girlfriend finds the wrong egg by mistake.

Images: Lara Solomon/Flickr; Giphy (6)