12 Next-Level Easter Egg Projects For Adults

With spring on the way, Easter is right around the corner. And while it's easy to think that this holiday is all about plush bunnies and kids' crafts, Easter eggs for adults can totally be a thing. I mean, who says the grownups have to spend all day prepping Sunday brunch and cleaning up? Us oldies need to have some fun, too.

Naturally, it's not uncommon to lean towards the easy Easter egg projects that we've all grown up on. You know the drill; buy a kit, dip some eggs, and call it a day. And while this tradition will never get old, I can't help but encourage people to shake things up a bit. There are just too many awesome techniques, materials, and ideas out there. It’s basically an entirely new set of reasons to get creative.

The techniques used in these projects are on the unconventional side. I’m talking about dyeing with silks, painting with acrylics, and applying tin foil. Luckily, each and every one of them are still totally doable at home.

For the ultimate girls’ holiday, round up your lady friends. Slip into Easter dresses, whip up a boozy brunch, and decorate eggs to your hearts’ content!

1. Sakura Flower Eggs

Embrace the spring season with these gorgeous cherry blossom Easter eggs by Craft Passion. These little works of art will easily brighten up your home just in time for the holiday.

2. Painted Botanical Eggs

In full-fledged spring style, take a tip from The House That Lars Built with these botanical print eggs. They may look complicated, but her step-by-step photos provide an awesome demonstration.

3. Sailor Jerry Tattoo Eggs

Bring out your inner badassery with these Sailor Jerry tattoo-themed eggs. The ironic part is that they're made with printable temporary tattoo paper — so good. Visit Wild Amor for the tutorial.

4. Silk-Dyed Tie Eggs

If an egg dyed with a silk tie doesn't say grown-up, I'm not sure what does. Head to Our Best Bites for the original tutorial. It's a brilliant take on tie-dyed eggs. Get it?!

5. Confetti Painted Easter Eggs

If you're looking for an easy project that isn't time consuming, head to Landeelu for a confetti painted egg DIY. It's like a celebration in egg form. After all, adults know how to party, too.

6. Antiqued Silver Eggs

Made with good ol' tin foil and black paint, these "antiqued" eggs by Just Crafty Enough are the definition of clever. You can even re-use tin foil from the Easter dinner you may or may not cook up. You know... adult things.

7. Black and White Easter Eggs

If you're the type of grownup who loves the simple things in life, you'll adore these black and white eggs by Obviously Sweet. Equal parts modern and sweet, this project only requires a handy dandy Sharpie marker (or two).

8. Typography Easter Eggs

Say it loud with these typography eggs by Lovely Indeed. While she used a cutting machine, you can certainly use a stencil or even cut the letters by hand. While it'll take some time, the end result will be so worth it.

9. Metallic Eggs

Metallic gets a flirty and fun upgrade with this Easter egg DIY by Miss Renaissance. This is the ideal project for those grownups that love vibrant, eye-catching patterns.

10. Floral Wreath Crowned Easter Eggs

As a sucker for flowers and crafts, I can't get enough of this darling DIY by Flax and Twine. This egg project is the type of cute that both kids and adults will love.

11. Doughnut Easter Eggs

Fellow foodies, this one is for you. Pay homage to the all-mighty doughnut with this clever DIY by Kara's Party Ideas. Next, make a batch of Easter-themed doughnuts for Sunday dinner, just like the adult you are.

12. Natural Brown Easter Eggs

Here's another minimally-designed version that modern gals will love. Made with nothing more than a white pen, these eggs by Kaley Ann are beautiful in the simplest way. I'm loving the juxtaposition between the natural brown hues and crisp white lines.

For more DIY inspiration, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Miss Renaissance; The House That Lars Built; Wild Amor; Our Best Bites; Landeelu; Just Crafty Enough; Obviously Sweet; Lovely Indeed; Craft Passion; Better Homes and Gardens; Flax and Twine; Kara's Party Ideas; Kaley Ann