The 7 Best Twitter Reactions To JB's Tour Tee Typo

by Augusta Statz

Well, his latest tour is off to a start, but there’s already been a bit of a hiccup. Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour tee reportedly has a typo in it, according to Marie Claire, and fans who purchased one aren’t too happy about it. The Web is reacting strongly to the Purpose tour typo, because when you pay $40 for a t-shirt, you definitely don’t expect for there to be a mistake this glaring. Not when it’s, you know, something that’s this big of a deal. Is it too late now to say sorry? It's OK Biebs, we'll give you a second chance.

The shirt is reportedly supposed to read, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it’s God’s purpose that prevails.” Instead of “purpose,” however, it appears to read “purose,” and considering that’s the name of his album and tour, I’d say that’s a pretty big mess up. Oops! This only proves that the power of proof-reading is real. Really real.

TMZ reports that the shirts have already been recalled, and anyone who purchased a shirt with a mistake can replace it for a correct version. Thank goodness for that. At least Bieber is on top of it, you know? Although I would think it’s kind of tempting to keep the one with a typo, isn’t it! I bet those will be real valuable someday. It’s hard not to get a chuckle out of this mistake, and the Internet seems to be doing just that.

Close, but not quite.

1. Sorry?

Your shirt has a typo #ImSorryToInformYou. What a great hashtag!

2. Oops!

There could be someone in deep trouble over this issue.

3. Can You Spot The Typo?

"Can you spot the typo?" has become a pretty fun online game.

4. You Had One Job

An apology can't fix everything.

5. Quality Control

The JB team might need to amp up quality control.

6. Spell Check

Oh, spell check. Someone should have used you.

7. Off To A Great Start

That's one way to kick off a tour.

At least he's still going to slay at the singing part of this thing.

What can you do, you know?

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