A 'Captain America: Civil War' Sneak Peek Got Fans Pumped At The Kids' Choice Awards

If you were already counting down the days until the May 6 release of the newest Captain America movie, it's a safe bet that Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans' presentation at the Kids' Choice Awards made you infinitely more excited. In a super unofficial competition, Downey and Evans challenged the audience to pick a side — Team Captain America or Team Iron Man. Both action heroes were met with wild applause and it was declared "too close to call." But, neither actor was willing to give in that easily — Downey challenged Evans to a thumb war, but it had to be cut short when they realized it could go on all day. Plus, they had to get to the important business of presenting an exclusive sneak peek of Captain America: Civil War.

The new footage was nothing short of amazing and the audience's response proved this movie is going to be a mega hit. It has all the makings of an overnight classic in the action genre — top-notch special effects, villains, heroes, and our favorite Marvel icons. The audience members at the Kids' Choice Awards aren't the only ones who are beyond pumped for the film's release. Viewers at home took to social media to express their excitement:

Whether you're Team Captain America or Team Iron Man, let's not forget the awesome thumb war that preceded the exciting preview of their upcoming movie:

Both competitions at the Kids' Choice Awards ended in a draw, but who will come out on top in the film? We'll have to wait two more months to find out. Seriously, May 6 cannot come fast enough — as much as I appreciated the new footage, I'm itching to see all 147 minutes of Captain America: Civil War.