New 'Scream Queens' Season 2 Info Promises Even More Craziness For The Chanels

Get ready, Scream Queens fans: Season 2 is coming up fast, and plenty of new info was just released that'll get you pumped for the impending episodes. At Saturday night's Paleyfest, the hit Fox show's cast and crew, including creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan, did a panel about Scream Queens Season 2 that spilled a lot of exciting information, if not a trailer. And while it didn't reveal all the secrets, it did answer some of fans' most pressing questions, such as where it's set and what some of viewers' favorite characters will be up to when they return to the show.

Yet of course, while the Paleyfest panel gave fans plenty to work with in terms of knowledge about the upcoming season, there are definitely going to still be many, many surprises. Fans will have to wait until the show's return later this year to know what's in store, but the following are a few of the most exciting pieces of information that the Paleyfest panel confirmed.

1. It's Set At A Hospital

As Variety reports, this season is inspired by the Halloween franchise in that it will be set in a hospital, much like multiple installments of the terrifying horror series. This is a bit of an homage to Scream Queens star Jamie Lee Curtis, who was a major part of Halloween.

2. It Will Be Shot In Los Angeles

The show's going to have a completely different look from Season 1 and not just because the location is changing from a college to a hospital. According to Deadline, Scream Queens was awarded a California tax incentive, so they're moving production to Los Angeles. Of course, the show can still be set anywhere, but it's hard to imagine that the weather and environment of LA won't play a role.

3. Dean Munsch Runs The Hospital

After abolishing the Greek system at the university (and writing a book), Curtis' character found herself searching the world for new life meaning. As Refinery29 reports, Falchuk said that "she identifies health care as her new battle, and decides to buy a hospital and run it how she sees fit."

4. The Chanels Are Mental Patients

Many of the Chanels (Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd, and Keke Palmer) will all be at the same hospital run by the Dean. Even Chanel #6, Hester (Lea Michele), will be back in action as according to Variety, Falchuk stated, "In this hospital, there’s some funny business going as well. There’s an aspect to this show that involves murder and a killer and in those ways Hester is going to be intimately involved.”

5. Zayday Is Becoming A Doctor

Variety also reported that according to the show's creators, Zayday graduated colege in two years and now finds herself training to be a doctor under Dean Munsch.

6. Denise Is In The FBI

Congrats are in order, as beloved (if incompetent) police officer Denise (Niecy Nash) is now an FBI agent investigating the hospital.

7. There Are Going To Be Three "Studly" Doctors

Will one of them be Harry Styles? Emma Roberts hopes so, according to the Refinery29 report.

8. Making A Murderer Will Have An Impact

A documentarian may be reporting on the Red Devil murders, much like in Netflix's Making A Murderer or the podcast Serial.

9. It's Not Your Typical Anthology Show

Unlike American Horror Story, which changes the characters every season, Scream Queens is more like a sequel to a horror movie –– same characters, just different settings and events.

I can hardly wait for Season 2. Scream Queens fans, start counting the days.

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