9 Super Cozy Items To Keep You Comfy AF

by Katharine McEntee

Since going to work means moving approximately 10 feet from my bed to my desk, I often wear comfortable clothes all day long. Although I have tried working in pajamas, I just can’t get in the right frame of mind when doing so. Instead, I opt for cozy clothes that look just as acceptable at home as they do when I rush out the door to run an errand. And while I like to dress up for nights out, these comfortable AF garments come in handy for the evenings when I decide to stay home and binge watch something on Netflix (real talk: I probably do the latter way more often).

Thanks to the reign of normcore, loungewear outside the house is now acceptable. Cozy sweater dresses, hoodies, and my all-time favorite, fleece joggers, are just a few of the comfy items that will give you the warm Sunday fuzzies all week long.

If you aren’t so sure about wearing a hoodie to work, don’t worry. There are acceptable comfy options for the office as well. From super warm sweater dresses to cozy scarves to an oversized cardigan à la Vanessa Hudgens, you will be putting the "casual" in "Casual Friday" in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to shop these nine comfy closet must-haves and plan your Netflix binging festivities accordingly.

1. Oversized Cardigan

BDG Parker Cardigan, $59, Urban Outfitters

Throw an oversized cardigan on with a cute pair of joggers and you'll be ready to work from home.

ASOS Curve Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan, $65, ASOS

An oversized cardigan is a cozy way to top a maxi on Casual Friday.

2. Joggers

Out From Under Cozy Fleece Jogger Pant, $49, Urban Outfitters

Stay cozy at home or keep warm while running errands in these super lounge-y joggers.

Plus Size Heathered Drawstring Joggers, $20, Forever 21

Joggers aren't just comfy. They are also quite stylish when paired with your classic white sneakers.

3. Sweater Dress

ASOS Sweater Dress In Soft Yarn, $72, ASOS

When in doubt, a sweater dress is almost always a good idea.

ASOS Curve Sweater Dress In Fine Knit, $51, ASOS

Take your sweater dress into spring with this comfy and cozy pastel version.

4. Hoodie

Super Soft Hoodie, $45, Top Shop

Believe it or not, hoodies are back in style and this pretty pink sweatshirt is a great way to embrace the trend come spring.

Plus Size Tokyo 25 Hoodie, $28, Forever 21

Knock off two trends with this varsity style hoodie.

5. Turtleneck

Bonfire Pull On Dress, $78, Free People

Be the most fashionable and comfortable at home employee in this turtleneck dress.

Vince Camuto Asymmetric Cable Knit Sweater, $86, Bloomingdales

Nothing is cozier than an oversized turtleneck. Nothing.

6. Oversized Tee

Project Social Tee Haddie Top, $49, Urban Outfitters

An oversized tee is the perfect outfit item for staying in and binging on Netflix.

ASOS Curve Jersey Top With Dip Back, $43, ASOS

This oversized tee is cozy enough for lounging at home and cute enough to wear out for drinks.

7. Jumpsuit

Alternative Apparel Open Back Weekend Jumpsuit, $30, TJ Maxx

When in doubt, wear a jumpsuit.

Plus Size Marled French Terry Jumpsuit, $20, Forever 21

This sweatshirt jumpsuit is the perfect weekend staple.

8. Scarf

Drop Needle Shred Eternity Scarf, $20, Urban Outfitters

Nothing says cozy like a knit infinity scarf.

9. Sweatshirt Dress

Yukon Dress, $75, Fabletics

Look sporty and feel comfy in this super cute hoodie dress.

Plus Size Marled Sweatshirt Dress, $25, Forever 21

This heather gray sweatshirt dress is just waiting to be worn on casual Friday.

Truth be told, there's nothing grander than feeling comfy AF — no matter what your day has in store for you.

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Images: Courtesy Brands