The 12 Most Feminist Moments On 'Game Of Thrones'

I have been a longtime fan of Game of Thrones for a multitude of reasons. The story is thrilling and compelling, I am never bored by the plot since there's so much going on, and aesthetically speaking, the scenery is breathtaking. But the thing I love most about Game of Thrones is its rich and complicated characters — especially its female ones. While far not every episode of the show has done women right (there's a lot to be said about how the series handles rape, for instance), Game of Thrones has had plenty of feminist moments that female fans have been thrilled to see.

With characters like Cersei, Arya, Sansa, Khaleesi and so on, viewers have been shown a wide range of different female personalities. There’s the outwardly tough women, the more emotional ones, the fighters, the sensual, the reserved, and the outcasts. Yet no matter their grouping, each woman is multifaceted. For instance, the cold Cersei is also incredibly warm towards her children. The tenacious Khaleesi is also levelheaded and fair. These characters are faced with enormous adversity, but they still manage to show their humanity and strength in spite of it all. It’s what makes Game of Thrones a show to continually root for, despite a massive amount of gloom and doom.

Here are 12 feminist moments from Game of Thrones that show just how badass its women are.

1. When Khaleesi Threw The Best Shade/Truth Bomb Westeros Has Ever Seen

Tell 'em, Queen.

2. When Ygritte Was Confident In And Proud Of Being Sexual

And she even taught Jon Snow a thing or two.

3. The Fact That An Adolescent Girl Has Shown More Bravery And Resilience Than Any Other Character To Date

Arya over everything.

4. When Sansa Showed That Vulnerability Is A Strength, Too

Sansa may be more emotionally centered than her rough and tumble little sis, but that doesn't mean she isn't also a force to be reckoned with.

5. And When She Wasn't Afraid To Call Out A Major Double Standard

If women are considered weak for crying, Sansa using that knowledge to her advantage is ingenious and takes major chutzpah.

6. Basically, Whenever Brienne Takes Control

Like when she saved Jaime's ass. Even though he acted like one.

7. And Whenever She Kicks Serious Butt

Which, pretty much happens all the time, even though people mock and constantly doubt her.

8. Whenever Margaery And Olenna Pair Up And Become The Ultimate Power Couple

They have the winning combo of attributes — they're both cunning, intelligent, sly, and astute. And they aren't afraid to step on some toes to get the job done.

9. When Arya Stood Up To Joffrey When She Was Just A Tiny Little Nugget

I don't typically condone violence, but...

10. When Catelyn Sacrificed Herself For Her Son

Sure, it didn't work out. But, it was the thought (and massive amount of guts and love) that count.

11. When Khaleesi Showed Her Abusive And Manipulative Brother Who Was Really Boss

*Standing ovation*

12. When Cersei Proved She Was Wiser Than Everyone Else In Westeros And Had Better Political Acumen

Listen, I didn't say her approach was exactly rife with morality, but you can't deny that she knows what she's talking about.

Westeros is in very good hands with these women leading the charge.

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