10 Memes For National Pi Day

My fellow nerds and foodies, this one is for you. March 14 is officially National Pi Day, and if you aren't celebrating with bad puns and a slice of your favorite dessert (French silk, looking at you!), then you're doing it wrong. Not to worry — these National Pi Day memes will help get you into the spirit in no time. This is pretty much the only time of year when math jokes won't be met with massive eye rolls, so if geometry word games are kind of your thing, then this holiday is your dream come true.

Of course, Pi Day is about more than just appreciating irrational numbers — it's also about stuffing your face with as much pie as possible (of both the sweet and savory varieties). Foodies don't really have to remember anything from middle school math class to get in on the action, but in case you are looking for a quick debriefing, I've got you covered. Pi Day falls on March 14, or 3/14, because those are the first three digits of the number Pi, which you may recall is the Greek symbol that is used to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Maybe this will inspire you to go out and crank out some equations, or maybe it will just send you on a trip to the nearest bakery in search of a more delicious way to celebrate. The good news is that there's no wrong way to observe National Pi Day — and if for some reason this day comes and goes without you realizing it, you can always celebrate on July 22. Get it? 7/22? 22/7? The fraction equivalent to Pi? Look, I told you there would be math jokes. Here are a bunch of memes that are funnier than I am.

To infinity and beyond.

That's one song I don't even mind getting stuck in my head. And while we're on the topic of Rebecca Black... good is this GIF?

I mean, yes, if you want to get technical.

Here we have an excellent example of Pi inception, and I'm super into it.

Because pie.

The genius of the Internet knows no end.

Just the words I was hoping to hear.

But are you really surprised?

The world's most annoying camel meets the world's most annoying holiday. It's a match that was meant to be.

Now go out and celebrate Pi Day, nerds!

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