9 Things You Loved In Middle School But Wouldn't Have Been Caught Dead In By High School — PHOTOS

Awkward stages of adolescence are like a rite of passage: From grades six to eight, I basically looked like the word "cringe" sounds, and I'm sure many can relate. Chances are the things you loved in middle school probably made you scream in disgust come freshman year.

Once upon a time, I made the terrible mistake of looking back at my oldest photos on Facebook. Much like Googling yourself, it's just a bad idea. I got sucked into a two-hour binge, face palming left and right. Did I really wear that? Popped collars (doubled, no less), brand-heavy pieces, and acid washed denim were staples in my wardrobe.

This was a time when Laguna Beach was at its height — meaning my style icon was Kristin Cavallari and co. Platform flip flops, super flared jeans, teeny tube tops, and small sunglasses were all the rage, and you weren't an it-girl if you didn't have all of these things.

While fashion trends do come and go, the mid 2000s were really tough. Every other decade before had stand-out moments that were definitely cooky, but still awesome nonetheless. But looking back at 2004, 2005, and 2006, I can't help but cringe at what was "in." Let's take a trip down memory lane, and check out all the things we hated by 2005.

1. Super Flared Denim

Check out those jeans on the right! Always acid washed, always super flared. These were so cool in middle school, especially paired with a lingerie top. I'm proud to say I threw out every single pair long ago.

2. Plaid & Pleated Skirts

Thanks to Mean Girls, these two types of skirts were everywhere. Bonus points if you wore them with pumps á la Regina George.

3. Studded Belts

Freaky Friday came out a year before I started middle school, but the trends still lived strong thereafter. I'm pretty sure I went to Journey's to purchase mine.

4. LiveStrong Bracelets

You definitely had one of these. If you didn't, you lived under a rock. The LiveStrong bracelet was iconic, and the more you had, the cooler you were. Nowadays? No thanks to a rubbery bracelet.

5. Polos

Marissa Cooper: Style icon of the century. Anything she wore, I loved. And she wore nothing better than polos. Double them up, and your style points skyrocketed.

6. These Sunglasses

I literally begged my sister to let me wear her pair of these ~chic~ sunglasses. Shiny and wire framed, they were the epitome of style.

7. Ribbed Tanks

LOL, Amanda Bynes, you were so patriotic. But in all seriousness, the white ribbed tank and flared jeans combo slayed.

8. Berets

To be fair, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen could pull everything off. I could not, but that didn't stop me from trying.

9. Lingerie Style Tops

Nothing, and I mean nothing, was sexier than a lingerie-inspired top. Today, we've upgraded the lingerie-style shirt into more minimalist, chic options. But at their height, and with this cheetah print, just no.

Who knows? Maybe when I look back at my 20s style, I'll be cringing, too. At least we all went through it together.

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