Lauren B. Has 1 Advantage Over JoJo On 'Bachelor'

The day is finally here. The Bachelor season finale is going to be oh so dramatic considering Ben told both Lauren B. and JoJo that he’s in love with them. So, which girl will he chose? My money is on Lauren B. and her age has something to do with my guess. Ben started his journey for love when he was 26 and has grown up a lot in the process. He knows exactly what he’s looking for and knows that it’s time for him to settle down. Meanwhile, Lauren B. just celebrated her 26th birthday, and JoJo was 24 while on the show and recently turned 25. Why is this important? Because even one year in your 20s makes a difference in who you are as a person. Lauren’s extra year on JoJo could mean a difference in maturity level that Ben is looking for in a wife. (Not that JoJo can't be mature, too, but Ben might have connected more with Lauren who is closer to his age.)

So, what did Lauren do to ring in her 26th year? Not sure, but a few weeks prior to the day, their family took a trip to Mexico together where they lounged on the beach. Talk about a relaxing way to ring in second half of your 20s. Her sister Mollie posted an Instagram of herself with Lauren on her birthday. “Happy 26th birthday to this stunna ILYSM,” she captioned the adorable photo of the two in Mexico.

Saying that Lauren wins based on her age is a total guess, but I am still sure that she’s going to get that final rose. In case you still aren’t convinced, here’s a list of more reasons she should win.

They Can Travel For Free

Lauren being a flight attendant is kind of perfect for Ben. We know that he’s a big fan of traveling and now the couple can go on vacations for free whenever they want. It’s easier to maintain a long-distance relationship when travel isn't an issue.

Her Family Is The Most Important Thing

Lauren’s family pretty much means everything to her. They are super close to the point where her and her sister are pretty much inseparable. She has quite a few siblings and a family who comes before everything else. Ben also feels the same way about his family, making them the perfect match.

She Could Do Her Job From Colorado

It’s always good to have a job that can let you live in the same place as your fiancé. Since she travels around, she could probably ask her airline to make her home base in Denver, allowing her to move in with Ben. Or, who knows, he could move to Los Angeles and still be a software sales rep there.

She’s Basic

There is nothing wrong with someone being basic. Lauren is adorable, happy and has a drama-free life from what we have seen. However, Ben literally has not been able to handle any drama or baggage. Anytime a girl is too complicated he gets rid of them. JoJo’s family was more honest and brutal about the truths of their relationship and it will probably lead him to choosing Lauren. Let's face it, Ben is pretty basic himself, so they make a good match.

Her Ex Isn’t Trying To Win Her Back

That we know of anyway… Sorry, JoJo. It looks like Lauren B.'s the one to beat.

Images: ABC/Matt Dunn; Giphy (2)