6 Times John Oliver Hilariously Slammed Republicans, Because The 'Last Week Tonight' Host Has No Mercy

HBO's Last Week Tonight has firmly established itself as a force in late-night television. Host John Oliver delights in dissecting complex, controversial issues and parsing them down into easily digestible bits, and he's not afraid to call anyone out. And I mean anyone: the intrepid comedian-cum-journalist hasn't shied away from criticizing the likes of Queen Elizabeth, Vladimir Putin, or even President Obama. Here's a rundown of six times John Oliver slammed the Republican Party — let the hilarity ensue.

From calling out the infinite varieties of obstructionism concocted by the Party of No to shaming regressive legislation, Oliver isn't just a partisan hack. He's more than willing to harp on Democrats when they are acting against the best interests of the American people; Bustle's very own Stephanie Casella came up with a list of Oliver's best moments roasting Democrats, which proves he's an equal-opportunity offender, unafraid to call out bad policy, and bad behavior, no matter which party is behind it.

But when John Oliver lets the Republican Party have it, he dishes it out mercilessly — and with incredibly good reason. Be warned: some of the following clips may be disturbingly hilarious.

That One Time He Called The GOP Primary The "Clowntown Fuck-The-World Shitshow 2016"

After noting that "Republican voters have not decided to make Donald Drumpf again, #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain," Oliver called out Trump's opponents for their increasingly desperate attacks against the man who is currently leading the GOP field. Cut to a clip of Marco Rubio saying Trump's hands are the size of someone who is 5 feet, 2 inches and the crowd's raucous laughter. When the primary race of the party of Lincoln devolves into a series of escalating dick jokes, perhaps referring to the primary contest as a "clown-town" is putting it incredibly mildly.

That One Time He Took On ALEC And Their Republican Supporters

Just before the 2014 midterm elections, Oliver used the main segment of his show to investigate ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council — and its Republican supporters. ALEC acts as a clearinghouse and centralized distribution point for experimental legislation that is then introduced at the state level by sympathetic legislators. Oliver found clips of Republican state legislators suggesting that black students were lazier than other students, "Islam is a cancer," and anti-dwarf-tossing legislation in Florida impinged upon the rights of little people. There is a good 17 plus minutes of raw, unfiltered crazy in the clip above; make sure to check it out.

That One Time He Eviscerated GOP Obstructionism Over Scalia's Replacement

The death of SCOTUS Associate Justice Antonin Scalia has sparked a major effort on the part of Congressional Republicans to block President Obama from exercising his constitutionally-mandated responsibility to appoint a replacement justice to the bench. Be warned: his description of Mitch McConnell's libido-destroying potential may make you heave a bit.

That One Time He Took On Trump — Err, Drumpf

Oliver went out of his way to mention that he had been avoiding discussing former slumlord "Tiny Hands" Trump and his run for the GOP nomination on LWT, but had to make an exemption given the latter's unbelievable results in state after state. All I have to say is that it is time to banish Trump from the electoral field, and I hope that my home state of Illinois will help #MakeDonaldDrumpf again on March 15 by — and I cannot believe I am saying this — giving Ohio governor and former Lehman Managing Director John Kasich a pity win.

That One Time He Took The GOP To Task Over Abortion Access

Safe, legal, and rare is how the majority of American woman feel about abortions. However, the voices of American women are not proportionally represented in our legislative bodies. This has resulted in a situation where the Republican party has made restricting access to abortion a top priority, and the Democrats are not necessarily in the best position to stop that from occurring. Oliver takes the GOP to task over restricting abortion access in the clip above.

That One Time Oliver Had A Problem With The South Carolina GOP Primary

"We begin tonight with South Carolina, home of ancestors you may not want to look up on Ancestry.com" he starts off the segment by saying. As you may have decided to block from your memory, Trump ended up winning the South Carolina primary, despite a rebuke from the raddest Holy Father in recent memory saying Trump wasn't a Christian. Ever the social media maven, Oliver can't pass up the chance to smile and say "#NotMyChristian," reviving his old 50 Shades hashtag to lampoon the buffoonish antics of what could be America's next huge mistake.

Oliver is clearly at his best when he has a chance to rip into a large, steaming pile of fresh hypocrisy. Unfortunately for the American people, this election cycle has no shortage of nonsense. At least we have Last Week Tonight to help make us laugh a bit along the way.

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