Who Will Hook Sacrifice On 'Once Upon A Time'? Hades' Gravestones Leave Him With An Impossible Decision

We knew that a trip to the Once Upon a Time Underworld wasn't going to be the greatest vacation destination ever, but I think we can all agree that no one is having a rougher go of it than Hook. Not is he only getting personally tortured by Hades himself (and beaten to a pulp in the process), but now he's also been put in a terrible position. After watching two more souls (Hercules and Meg) escape from his fiery realm, Hades declared that every soul Hook's friends manage to save, one of their souls will have to stay in their place... and it will be up to our pirate to decide who those lucky people will be. So, of course, this begs the question: who will Hook choose to sacrifice to Hades on OUAT ?

I mean, talk about the world's worst decision, am I right? Not to mention that he would have to pick not one, but THREE people since Regina's father, Meg, and Hercules have all moved on to a better place. Aside from the obvious choice of Rumple, that still leaves two other people for Hook to select. Obviously, he would never choose Emma, Henry, or the Charmings (they are his potential future in-laws, after all), and Emma would never forgive him if he did something like that to Regina or Robin. Basically, what I'm trying to say is there's no right answer here. And, judging by Hades' demeanor, I'd say that not deciding isn't an option.

Either way, things are not looking well for poor Hook. (If the Underworld had a Yelp, Hook would be giving it zero stars.) And considering the fact Hades and Rumple are going to forge some sort of an alliance, according to next week's promo, I'd say things are only going to get even worse for our swashbuckling pirate. #PrayForHook

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC