'The Bachelor' Crazy Bathroom Scene Is Brutal

by Nicole Pomarico

All season long, I've been looking forward to The Bachelor finale for the obvious reasons, like finding out who Ben Higgins picks and who the next Bachelorette will be. But, after last week's promo for the episode, I've been dying to see how things work out for a different reason. In the clip, Ben has a pretty intense bathroom talk with one of his final two where he admits that he's in love with both remaining women, and now, we finally get to find out what happened. As it turns out, Ben was in the bathroom with JoJo, and the scene was even more brutal than I thought it would be.

At first, JoJo totally picked up on the fact that something wasn't right with Ben. So, after their final date, they sat down to talk about where they stand in their relationship. JoJo so desperately wanted a sign from Ben that would tell her that she's the one he's going to choose, and he just wouldn't give it to her. So they went into the bathroom for a little bit of privacy, and that's when Ben admitted that although he told JoJo he loved her, he told Lauren, too.

Bottom line? JoJo got tired of competing for Ben's affection — and if she hates doing that, that really sucks, because that's all The Bachelor is, so obviously she's had a pretty rough time this season emotionally. And, if you thought that bathroom scene was hard to watch, it only got worse after he left and all JoJo could do was cry.

I've never wanted to climb into a TV and hug someone more than I did watching JoJo fall apart over Ben, and it made me a little mad at him, too. This is definitely a hard moment for him as well, but that doesn't make it OK that he put her through this. If Ben doesn't propose, I wish only good things for JoJo's future. The right guy for her is out there, and hopefully in that relationship, she won't have to wonder if her feelings will be returned.

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Image: Matt Dunn/ABC