'The Bachelor's Most Heartbreaking Rose Ceremony Moments During Ben Higgins' Emotional Season

If I had to use one word to describe The Bachelor this season, it would be "emotional." There wasn't exactly a surplus of scandal, but there were so many feelings — all of the feelings. This was especially true during the eliminations. There were some truly heartbreaking rose ceremony moments during this season of The Bachelor. From the actual eliminations to the emotional goodbyes to the post-exit cry fests, hearts were breaking on screen, and even viewers at home started to catch some feelings. I mean, how could you not? The tears were contagious this season.

There were so many emotional moments at the rose ceremonies this year that it's hard to keep track. I really feel for Ben Higgins. Sure, it may seem like it'd be all fun and games to go on dates with 25 beautiful women, but Ben has been very serious about this process. He signed on because he was looking for a wife, and he became emotionally invested in his relationships with the women. It really does seem like it was a tumultuous time for the Bachelor. Let's take a look back at the most emotional rose ceremony moments from this year.

1. JoJo Making A Toast To "Falling In Love"

Aside from the super-weird group hug between Ben, JoJo, and Lauren at the second-to-last rose ceremony, things got even stranger when JoJo made a toast to "falling in love." You saw Lauren's heart sink when she realized that she wasn't the only one with such strong feelings for Ben. It is clear that there are some very real emotions involved in this reality TV love triangle.

2. Amanda Getting Sent Home After Hometown Dates

I felt so bad when Amanda got eliminated. She was as nice as ever, though, hugging Ben instead of just walking away. It was just so sad to see her go after introducing her adorable daughters to Ben and sharing so much of her world with him. Everyone was choked up about it — Ben, Amanda, me ...

3. Amanda Confronting Ben After Her Elimination

It was a big deal for Amanda to bring Ben home to meet her kids. She didn't want to introduce them to anyone unless she was very confident in the romantic relationship. So when she made it to the hometown dates, she felt very sure about their bond. After she was eliminated, she confronted him about why he didn't simply let her go when she was still at home instead of making her come all the way back for the rose ceremony. She was standing up for herself in an assertive way without being disrespectful or embarrassing. It was an empowering moment.

4. Ben Breaking Down After Amanda Left

I really feel bad for Ben. He had genuine emotions for the women on the show. He felt so bad about sending Amanda home, even though he felt it was the best move for him at the end of the day. All of the emotions built up at that point, and he eventually just broke down and started choking up and crying.

5. Becca Getting Sent Home After Asking Ben "Not To Blindside" Her

A lot of Bachelor Nation was really rooting for Becca. It was so clear that she felt OK about making it through to the next week, because she asked Ben not to surprise her with an elimination. But he did blindside her, and she was absolutely devastated. The tears were flowing, and it became all sorts of emotional.

6. Becca Asking Ben Why He Eliminated Her

Poor Becca. She really had no shot with Ben. She just got all the wrong date cards, and the other women had relationships that were way ahead of hers. If she could have spent more time with him, things probably would have been different, but it just didn't go that way. She confronted Ben after he "blindsided" her with an elimination, asking, "Why did you do that?" Eventually, she was grateful that he eliminated her sooner rather than later, so it would be less emotional, but my heart was really breaking for her. I even felt bad for Ben, since he was definitely upset about hurting her.

7. Ben Deciding Between Two Laurens

Obviously, there was no chance that Ben was going to pick any girl over Lauren B., but there was so much drama during the pig swimming episode that she was really nervous about the rose ceremony. Leah lied to Ben about Lauren B.'s behavior, and poor innocent Lauren was nervous about her fate. She was visibly upset and scared that she would not make it through to the next week. It was so sad to see someone he had such a strong connection with standing there suffering. It even seemed like Lauren H. might get the rose instead, but of course, that did not happen, and Lauren B. made it to the finals.

8. Lace Eliminating Herself

It was so sad watching Lace leave the show. She brought some much-needed comic relief, and she really had such an endearing personality. Nevertheless, it was noble for Lace to leave The Bachelor to work on herself and focus on self-improvement before trying to have a romantic relationship. Lace was dearly missed.

9. Amber Bullying Jubilee

Amber's Bachelor return was pretty pointless. Not only did she add nothing positive to the show, but she was really mean to Jubilee, going out her way to kick her while she was already down at the rose ceremony. Who picks on someone who is already crying? I just wanted to leap through the screen and hug Jubilee. Amber's behavior was sad and appalling. She went all the way upstairs to confront Jubilee without asking if she was OK or what she and Ben were discussing. It definitely brought down the mood of the rose ceremony.

These are just the times when tears happened at rose ceremonies. Could you imagine if we had included all of the tears from The Bachelor this year, period? This article would have been endless heartache.

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